Two Pet Dicks

Two Pet Dicks - John Inman Review originally posted at Sinfully.

This book was just a joy to read! Madcap fun, a sweet little love story and a menagerie of rodents, mammals and birds that may just turn you off of pet ownership for good, combine for a friends to lovers story that will definitely lighten your mood.

Life-long friends, currently friends with benefits, Maitland and Lenny are business partners that after two years have just officially moved their business out of Lenny’s father’s basement and into a real office with a sign proclaiming “Two Dicks” (rent is expensive so they can’t afford too many words). They may not be the brightest bulbs in the pack, but they love what they do and are willing to hustle for business. It couldn’t be better timing – or maybe worse timing as they were just about to get some – when a paying client walks in and hires them to find the poisonous pet lizard her ex-husband stole. So begins the mystery portion of the story. As the two dicks investigate her claims, they find that just maybe their client isn’t telling them the whole story.

This is not the only case on their books though. Their cast of quirky clients include a foul-mouthed owner of a foul-mouthed parrot, an adorable little boy who has lost his puppy and the Belladonna Arms’ resident drag queen who lost a friend’s gerbil while petsitting.

In between (and sometimes during) stakeouts and investigation, Maitland and Lenny find plenty of time to get naked and handsy with each other. They’ve also both apparently come to the same conclusion about the future of their relationship, but are continually thwarted in their attempts to talk it out. The two are so comfortable and natural with each other, I had a blast just reading them having a conversation. Lenny can’t keep his hands off Maitland and Maitland can’t stop thinking about getting Lenny back in bed. It’s seriously a wonder they get any work done.

Along the way they pick up a new intern in jailbait Jamie, a manipulative monkey that wreaks mayhem on their lives and find an unexpected ally and friend. Things never go as planned and they’re both willing to laugh at the other’s misfortune before they provide some TLC. They’re more Shaggy and Scooby than Holmes and Watson (even the parrot they can’t seem to catch apparently thinks he’s smarter than they are), but moments of brilliance, a lot of luck and sheer love of what they do make them a success.

Told from Maitland’s POV, Lenny and Maitland come off as two of guys who just woke up one morning and said “Hey, I know, let’s be pet detectives,” probably after staying up all night watching the Ace Ventura Pet Detective movies and having sex with each other. Their relationship is incredibly sweet and sexy. There’s no angst, plenty of humor a bit of mystery, some very sweet moments and a lot of slapstick fun. This is a great light-hearted read for when you want some sexy, sometimes over the top, fun.