Full Domain (A Nice Guys Novel Book 3)

Full Domain (A Nice Guys Novel Book 3) - Reese Dante, Kindle Alexander, Jae Ashley Review originally posted at Sinfully.

3.5 stars

Ever since Aaron shot down Kreed’s video conference come-ons in [b:Full Disclosure|18698511|Full Disclosure (Nice Guys, #2)|Kindle Alexander|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1408584977s/18698511.jpg|26551895], you knew the sparks would eventually fly, and fly they do in Full Domain. Aaron still doesn’t make it easy for Kreed, but then again everything about Kreed makes it hard for Aaron. Aaron is hiding quite a bit underneath that computer geek persona and Kreed is determined to find out everything about the man, no matter how patient he has to be.

Full Domain picks up right where Full Disclosure ended after Aaron finds some information pertaining to the ongoing investigation of the group that has targeted Jace and Colt and Mitch and Cody. Aaron now finds himself unhappily dragged out from behind his computer screen and travelling to the FBI Washington D.C. offices, hoping to get in and get right back out and on with the important things in his life. What he finds however is the sexy Kreed Sinacola is not only going to be his partner, but they will be going out in the field. Kreed checks every one of Aaron’s boxes, but Aaron has bigger things going on and the last person he needs to be involved is Kreed. Kreed is determined and as the two work together and Aaron’s safety is put on the line, things get hotter than hot.

Kudos to the authors for making the cocky Kreed really have to work for Aaron’s affection. It isn’t until almost halfway through the book that the sexual tension is finally broken. I really enjoyed the buildup and the banter between the two men before they finally caved. Kreed fights his attraction as best he can, adamant about not mixing business with pleasure and holding off until the case is over, but we all know what so often happens to the best of intentions and when it happens you’ll find yourself looking for a way to cool down!

Once the investigation that has been running through the series is wrapped up the story continued as Kreed and Aaron decide to take some time off to get to know each other better. As the two men seclude themselves away, Kreed is determined to dig out the secrets he knows Aaron is hiding as much as he is determined to get Aaron to agree to continue their relationship now that the case is over. We learn a lot more about their lives, and Kreed’s brother’s death, but this is also the point where the book really slowed down for me. I found myself skimming through several sex scenes, while hoping to get more of a glimpse into Aaron’s past and what had driven him to take such a strong interest in social activism. While bits and pieces were dropped before the full story came out, I still felt that I was missing a bit of what made Aaron tick. There was also Aaron’s firm conviction that he could not walk away from what he was doing, when it turned out he really just could and he pretty much knew it all along. It was a bit of letdown after quite a bit of buildup.

Another high point of the story was the return of the other couples, but especially Mitch. His relationship with Kreed and Aaron is a driving force in both of their actions throughout the story, but when Mitch and Kreed get going with each other, whether it’s teasing, or giving unwanted advice, their friendship really shines. I also loved seeing a drunken Cody and Jace acting as referee to the three ring circus that erupts whenever they are all together.

Overall I really enjoyed the wrapping up of the series and Kreed and Aaron as a couple and I think followers of the series will be happy with the outcome. While this is officially the last book in the series, it’s not the last we’ll see of the “Nice Guys” which I’m sure will leave the many fans of these couples eagerly looking out for more of them in the future.