Discovering Dalton

Discovering Dalton - Nicole Colville 4.5 stars

I’m always on the lookout for something different than an established couple taking on a third in an m/m/m story and this one fit the bill very nicely. Dalton is restarting his life, finally being true to himself and coming out. He meets Liam who is more than willing to help him discover the joys of gay sex without the complications of a relationship, until Liam starts to fall for Dalton. After a while as friends with benefits, Dalton meets Troy and instantly connects with him. With the possibility of a relationship with Troy, Dalton ends things with Liam only to soon find out that Liam and Troy grew up as foster brothers and have lived together since they were fifteen, a relationship that has led to the failure of all their others. Neither would ever do anything to hurt the other, but both men want Dalton and they want him to choose.

I loved how we were basically given three separate relationships before the men all got together and how each character had a very distinct personality. There was plenty of tension and I really just wanted everyone to be happy. The build up worked really well for me and the sex scenes, in all the variations were hot. It works as a standalone but if you’ve read Saving Samuel, there are peeks of the men from that story as well. I'm looking forward to Blue's story next!