The Final Round

The Final Round - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Full review originally posted at Sinfully.

The series, and really Ben and Shane’s story, comes full circle in this book. As Ben and Shane were brought together in the first book as a result of Ben’s father’s death, here Shane must return to England after his mother dies. Shane has no desire to see his drunken, violent, homophobic father, nor any desire to subject Ben to his nastiness; after all, he was the main reason Shane left 20 years ago and never returned.

Ben and Shane’s relationship is as strong and kinky as it ever was. Ben will do anything for Shane so when the phone call comes about his mother, Ben jumps into action and takes care of everything. Shane is surprised to feel a bit of homesickness when he returns, even though things go pretty much as expected with his father, Alfie. What Shane didn’t expect, however, was that Ben would get on with Alfie.

This is mostly Shane’s story. His past is laid out with his father, his ex, Daniel, who he followed to the States and then dumped rather than return to England, and his mother. Shane is struggling with guilt over not having visited her since he left and that guilt and his grief begins to color what he sees for his future. I enjoyed watching him introduce Ben to his old friends and the England that he loved even when he left. Even though the Shane who returns has changed in 20 years, his memories of his father haven’t and it’s hard for him to even consider that perhaps Alfie has changed a little bit as well.

Fear not Ben fans. Shane’s story can’t be told without him and Ben is the strength and control that Shane needs to hold himself together throughout this trip. Their rough sex and BDSM play has never been structured, more just what works for the two of them. Ben has grown more confident in his ability to give Shane what he needs, while Shane is more willing to accept that he needs it. Their scenes together are hot and their connection is amazing.

By the end of the story Ben and Shane will have tested their kink a bit more, but even more so, tested just how far they will go to keep their relationship together. As the story played out, there were hints dropped as to what was going to happen, but the authors kept me guessing as to just how everything would be resolved.

While most of the action takes place away from The Square Peg, there are still appearances by Patrick and Vin, and Dave, who uses his experience from the last book to help Ben out when he fears he has lost control of everything. After a bit of tension at the end, the story is wrapped up in a fitting happy ending that I think fans of the series will really enjoy.