Will & Patrick Meet the Family

Will & Patrick Meet the Family - Alice  Griffiths, Leta Blake Full review originally posted at Sinfully... Addicted to All Male Romance.

This episode picks up right where the first left off (you definitely can’t read these as standalones); time to meet Will’s mom! Remember how I mentioned in my review of Episode #1 how much I liked Patrick and his snark? I now love Patrick, his snark and the fierce protectiveness he is feeling towards Will.

The meeting with Will’s mother Kimberly, and his Uncle Kevin goes about as well as anything has gone for these two so far. Will’s mother, who will never be confused for Snow White, doesn’t contain her disdain of Patrick and her suspicion of his tricking Will into marriage so he can get his hands on some money, which is fine since Patrick isn’t going to play nice with her either. I get the protective mother instinct, but Kimberly is a piece of work. Although we don’t meet Will’s father Tony in person, he is getting more aggressive in making his presence known.

There are also some more run-ins with Will’s ex, Ryan. Ryan is a heinous person. He seemingly has charmed most of the town, including Will’s mother, but he is quite abusive towards Will. Even his new man Hartley sees it and has compassion for Will. There is a flash of realization in Will that Patrick has been better to him in this short time than Ryan has in years, but it really hasn’t sunk in yet and he is still amazingly trying to figure out how to get Ryan back. I am looking forward to the moment when Will realizes how blind he has been to how horrible Ryan is.

We learn a little more about both Patrick and Will’s childhoods and we get a real feel for how hard Will struggles with his addiction. Patrick has overcome a lot to get where he is and we all know how much he cares under that brash exterior. I fell so much harder in love with Patrick for the way he takes care of Will in this episode from worrying about his health to giving him pep talks about his struggle to stay sober.

As the men go about keeping up appearances and Patrick starts working at Healing’s new neurology unit, they settle into a bit of a routine. Patrick’s whole life has been upended and rearranged, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much, especially once he is back working, and his appreciation of Will keeps growing. As much as Will is trying to fight his attraction towards Patrick to focus on ending the marriage while keeping his foundation money and of course, getting Ryan back, it’s not as easy as he’d hoped. Although there haven’t been more than a few kisses, the sexual tension is ratcheting up. I don’t think Will is going to be able to resist Patrick’s appeal much longer… at least I hope not!

This second episode continues with the humor, snark and tension of the first, but also brought out the emotion as the two men start to really get to know each other. I like the way their relationship is growing as they each learn the others’ habits and quirks. I’m enjoying how Patrick is unwittingly entrenching himself in the town of Healing even as he keeps talking about looking forward to the time when the marriage is ended. Bring on the Holidays! What could possibly go wrong?