Bound Gods: Chained - Adrienne Wilder Originally reviewed at Sinfully.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, [b:The Chimera|29643049|The Chimera (Bound Gods, #1)|Adrienne Wilder||50000898], you’re going to want to start there. This book picks up right where that one ends, with Leo away on a mission to retrieve a kidnapped doxie and continues following Kaleb’s brutal training, as well as expanding on the Association and the mysterious men that make up its world. It is still dark, but there is also a growing bond between Leo and Kaleb that is simmering just under the surface.

Leo’s mission affords us the opportunity to get a taste of the violence that the beast inside him, the Chimera, craves and can inflict on others. The kills come easily and Leo realizes that without the ambrosia in his body it’s harder control the beast. While Leo is away, Kaleb avails himself of the library, learning a bit more about the history of the so-called “gods”. There is still so much Kaleb doesn’t understand, but at this point he knows what Leo expects of him. Whether or not he can bear what is going on is still uncertain. Part of him still fears Leo and the pain and humiliation he inflicts, while another part of Kaleb is growing to crave those things.

Kaleb’s training takes an unplanned and unexpected leap forward when Leo returns from his mission with severe injuries and Zen works his magic on Kaleb. Zen’s manipulation changes everything and also gives Kaleb a taste of the power he has as a doxie. Unfortunately for Kaleb, Leo is still stronger and that moment of power and control over Leo will have to be paid for with pain, fear and tears later on. Kaleb really is something special and has more power than Leo ever expected. Leo is intent on using that power to make sure that no other god or man will ever have even a small taste of Kaleb.

The training and punishments Leo dishes out to Kaleb get harsher. The sex scenes are intense, with heavy kink (Leo seems to have a fondness for electrical stimulation and orgasm denial). Kaleb is torn between fighting and trying to run from Leo, and giving in to his growing need to please the man and the beast within. I loved seeing both men exhibiting flares of jealousy and attempts, no matter how small, to assert their claims on each other.

Adrienne Wilder moves the story into high gear in this book. There is more explanation as to why Kaleb is so special, and what Alton has been trying to accomplish over the years in order to ensure there will always be enough ambrosia produced for the gods. Kaleb is introduced into the real world of gods and doxies when he is brought the Gathering. It’s an orgy of sex and power where doxies are passed around and used by men, gods and even other doxies. If you thought the first book was a bit raunchy, this one is on a whole other level! Kaleb’s eyes are opened to many things, not the least of which is just how lucky he is to have Leo watching out for him.

Kaleb’s brother Sonny’s story also takes an interesting turn as he begins training to fight with Zen. He finds out some new things about himself and what his future may hold. It’s something Kaleb isn’t really sure how to deal with and which could change the dynamic between the two brothers. Meanwhile, the outside danger to the doxies is growing. There is something just as powerful and dangerous as a god hunting the most vulnerable doxies and leaving a trail of death and destruction.

Chained introduces a number of new gods and doxies, but the one that I fell for hard and fast is Aaron, a young doxie who may be even more innocent than Kaleb. He is only on page briefly, but he makes a huge impact. Let’s just say that Aaron’s god/trainer Sol is not as good a man as Leo. What he suffers in this story is heartbreaking and terrifying and I can only hope there is something good in store for him in the next part of the story. While I wouldn’t necessarily want to see him subject to the whims of Leo and the Chimera, I would love to see a stronger bond form between Kaleb and Aaron.

The story started off dark, twisted, and mysterious and now that emotions are getting involved, things can only get hotter and more dangerous. Paying homage to Greek mythology with a bit of paranormal twist and heavy on the kink, this second book in the series has again left me wanting more! I’m looking forward to seeing what Adrienne Wilder’s imagination has cooked up for the next book.