Bound - S.J.D. Peterson Review originally posted at Sinfully.

If you’ve read the other books in this series, you’ll be glad to see that Roped starts off with chapters catching us up with the couples from the prior books (Micah and Tackett, Max and Aiden, and Rig, Bobby and Mason) so we know where they all stand when they get the call about Jamie. While some of them are closing a chapter in their lives, others are starting a new one. I thought this was a great way to start off, so that SJD Peterson could then jump straight back into Jamie and Tek’s story. These men all play parts in the story, as do Ty and Blake, coming together for support, but the focus is solidly on Tek and Jamie.

The kidnapping itself is not the focus of the story, which surprised me based on the blurb. It was resolved fairly quickly and the majority of the story focused on Jamie and Tek recovering and fighting to break free of their past and from the skewed notion of family they were brought up with, the violence and intolerance and the fear, as well as the after-effects of Jamie’s capture. Tek is especially consumed by the violence he finds himself still capable of and the effects it has had on not just him and Jamie, but on the unknown victims from his MC days. Jamie is dealing with nightmares and panic attacks resulting from the two times he was abducted, but the fear playing out is not for his safety, but for Tek’s. Both have to wonder if they will ever be able to live their lives without looking over their shoulders and being ready to run. Tek’s ingrained feelings of responsibility for Jamie’s safety run deep, but he sometimes has a hard time understanding that Jamie feels exactly the same way towards him. The men have a lot of issues to work through, but they never waver in their love and devotion towards each other.

They are only beginning to realize just what “family” means and that they are building one that is stronger than blood or the perversion of family that the MC was. As Blake steps in to help them move on with their lives they struggle with having lived so long with the ways of their MC family where nothing came without a price and accepting the new reality of their lives and the men that have stood with them and asked for nothing in return.

Although they spend a good deal of time at the club Tek and Jamie’s relationship doesn’t move into BDSM territory, but they still enjoy a bit of kink and the find their ability to indulge in the bondage they both enjoy is tested as a result of Jamie’s ordeal. That doesn’t stop them from finding other ways to spice things up, but rope play is something they both want and need to be part of their sex life and something they work towards getting back. While there is plenty of sex in the story, it’s the smaller everyday moments I really enjoyed seeing between the men and the surprises they still find in each other after basically having spent every day of their lives together.

While I enjoyed most of the story there were times in the middle where it felt stalled. We get both men’s points of view and I love the easy comfort the two men find in each other, but there were times when I felt something was missing. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the resolution of the MC story and I think my anticipation of more may have had some bearing on that.

Since reading [b:Roped|20487511|Roped (Guards of Folsom, #4)|S.J.D. Peterson||32822161], I had wondered just what the writings from Tek at the beginning of each chapter were. I finally got my answer and it was just a perfect, touching moment as was the aftermath. In ending this story, SJD Peterson is putting an end to the Guards of Folsom series. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with these men, some from way back in the Whispering Pines Ranch days, so the ending is bittersweet. The Epilogue finished the story in much the same was as Bound started, putting all the men together and letting us in on what’s in store for them in the future, and assuring us that while things will be changing, Tek and Jamie have found the family and home they always deserved to have.