Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings (Wake Up Married Book 4)

Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings (Wake Up Married Book 4) - Alice  Griffiths, Leta Blake Review originally posted at Sinfully.

This episode gets all the stars! If you’ve been with the series this far, you’re going to want to run and get this installment. This is the one where Patrick’s world is rocked when he realizes that the unthinkable has happened and he has fallen in love with his husband.

In this episode Patrick gets romantic “Your mouth is where my dick wants to go to die.”
Will gets what he's always wanted “So I’ve had a version of this one fantasy since I was really young…”
And we, the readers, get to see these two work through it all.

First though, let’s all stand up and cheer as Ryan appears to have made good on his promise to leave town. Will has finally come to realize how bad Ryan was for him and how dysfunctional their relationship really was. He also sees how that relationship has caused even more trouble with the issues his mother and uncle have and have been projecting onto him. As clueless and as much of a pushover as Will has been, he is really starting to come into his own here. He is once again asserting himself with his family and he is growing more confident in his ability to direct his own life. The vulnerability and trust he shows when he is with Patrick is a far cry from the Will we have seen previously and he really grew on me in this episode. He is still a bit oblivious, but it is not all through his own fault anymore. Will relies and Patrick’s bluntness and he won’t ever assume that Patrick has feelings that he hasn’t expressed. Now on to Patrick.

Have I mentioned in prior reviews how much I love Patrick? Of course I did and I love him even more after this. He’s moving right up the list of my favorite m/m characters. Patrick is still Patrick, snarky and mostly sure of himself, which doesn’t make for the best bedside manner and doesn’t help matters when trouble arises at work. This installment, however, really focused on his feelings and his acceptance that he loves Will. He is struggling with those feelings, knowing that he told Will early on that there is no chance for a relationship and Will has accepted that. Now, Patrick dies just a little inside whenever the future divorce is mentioned. He accepts that he has broken their agreement, but is torn between letting Will know, or keeping quiet and allowing Will to move on and have the freedom to figure out how he wants to live his life after the whole Ryan mess.

Patrick opens up to Will with further details about his past abuse and Will vows to himself to keep Patrick close even after they are no longer married. Patrick may not have been able to find the words to tell Will how he feels, but he did manage to find a song. I’m old enough to remember the song Patrick plays for Will and it is one of the sappiest of 1970’s sappy love songs, but take a look at the lyrics and you’ll see how Patrick was baring his soul to Will.

Now regardless of the title, this isn’t all mushy, yearning. We were promised kink early on and this episode delivers. Those kinks Patrick expressed a fondness for, breath play and spanking, all play an integral part in Will’s secret fantasies and Patrick is more than willing to indulge in every one of them. The sex scenes were incredibly hot and kinky, yet still incredibly sweet.

Yes this is a serial, so I shouldn’t be shocked, but the authors leave it all off with an incredibly evil cliffie. I wouldn’t put it past Kimberly to have had something to do with what goes down, but the authors have set the scene for the penultimate installment, Meet the Mob, and the end of March cannot come soon enough for me!