Max - Bey Deckard Review originally posted at Sinfully.

Be forewarned that this psycho-sexual thriller contains issues of consent, abuse, violence, cheating, doctor/patient improprieties, general depravity and a number of WTF moments. If you are sensitive to anything please tread carefully. If you love depraved mind-fucks and when it comes to your reading have few hard limits like me, you’re going to want to get that one-click finger ready.

Under ‘reason for seeking counselling’ on the intake sheet, Max had written ‘taedium vitae’, which translated to ‘tired of life’.

From their first session Dr. Dennis Crane is completely intrigued by the young man. Max is good looking, charming and obviously intelligent, but there is something unsettling about him. About his expressions, the way he looks at Crane and the way he makes Crane feel. He’s also clearly manipulative and likely has issues that are far beyond the young doctor’s abilities, but Dr. Crane has always been fascinated by psychopaths.

Are you afraid of me, Dennis? You shouldn’t be. I’m trying my very best to make you understand that I like you. And I’m offering you the very thing you desire the most: me. You know I’m a fine specimen of amorality. I’m giving you the opportunity to look behind the curtain. No holding back.

Max is in charge from that very first meeting. Crane knows he is in over his head but Max has a Svengali-like hold over him and plays him for all he can. In no time at all, Crane’s boring, stable life is spiraling out of control. Doctor/patient lines are erased, the lies are piling up and he can’t resist the pull of Max. It doesn’t take long before Crane’s life as he knows it is crumbling around him.

Told solely from Crane’s point of view I was kept off balance along with Crane who is often in a state of recovering from being drugged or drunk. Images come and go, but he doesn’t know if he dreamed them, saw them in a film or they really happened. As Crane’s world narrows down to only Max and himself he doesn’t seem to know what’s happening, but he can’t deny that when he’s not afraid he’s enjoying being with Max. Is it love, obsession or a sort of Stockholm syndrome? Is Max that psychopath that Crane has always been fascinated by or is Crane descending into a madness of his own?

A fan of a number of the movies mentioned, my mind was spinning with possibilities throughout the story as Crane descends deeper and deeper into Max’s world. Every time I thought to myself hey, I’ve seen this movie, I know where this is going, Bey Deckard managed to prove me wrong.

I love these twisted tales where my stomach is turning even as my eyes are racing over the words. Bey Deckard has created an amazing psychopath in Max and a perfect patsy in Crane. While it may sound like Crane is nothing more than a victim, he definitely has a hand in his own demise. Crane has a moment or two where he gives as good as he gets, or maybe Max just wants it that way because ultimately, he is no challenge for Max’s brilliance and lack of morals.

Well written, fast paced and keeping me on the edge of my seat, I’d have to say my first Bey Deckard story was a huge win for me. No way is this going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you love those charming liars and don’t mind a bit of violence and a lot of perversity, you’re going to love this one.