Bittersweet - Miranda Beverly-Whittemore 1.5 stars

I can read a book in 2 days. It took me that long to get through the first 100 pages. Then I kept reading because it was book club and it was sort of like "where the hell is this going to go". It wasn't enjoyable per se, but I wanted to see just where it was going.

All the main characters were unlikable, but that doesn't always stop me from enjoying a book. They weren't even unlikable in the "they're so unlikable I love it" way.

The rest of the story moved along quicker - maybe because I didn't really care much about what was going to happen to any of the main players at that point and some of the secondary characters I was actually pulling for. Mabel goes from sad and bitchy to manipulative, sad and bitchy. Kind of a convoluted storyline as to where the money came from - though that wasn't completely explained. Moral of the story is money is better than everything else, especially if you're a miserable person to begin with, at least you can become manipulative and miserable and have a lot of money to go with it.