The Senator's Secret

The Senator's Secret - K.C. Wells Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 Stars

The stories in the Dreamspun Desires series are a chance to just sit back and enjoy some sweet, fluffy, low-angst and unapologetically tropey romances. The fake fiancé is a classic for a reason and The Senator’s Secret hits just the right notes in that regard.

Sam has devoted his life to two things, running his family hardware store and his career in politics. His interest in politics is a particular passion and Sam’s been planning for a life in public office since college. He is now serving as a North Carolina state senator with aspirations for a federal seat and he has done everything to ensure that his reputation is beyond reproach, and when I say everything I mean everything. Sam won’t risk dating or hooking up with someone and the possibility that it could come back to haunt him. He may be lonely, but so far his plan has worked. The only one who knows he’s gay is his best friend/chief of staff Curtis, and he thinks that since the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality Sam should come out.

When an innocent, congratulatory hug of a campaign volunteer is turned into nasty politics by his rival, Pastor Hartsell, Sam is unexpectedly placed on the spot. His choices are either come out and admit to his sexuality and face the fallout or acquiesce to his staff’s harebrained idea to turn the tables on the Pastor. That’s how Gary, a man he’s barely met, becomes his fiancé. How could Gary refuse when not only will his veterinary school tuition be paid, but he will get to spend time with the gorgeous Sam.

As Gary and Sam are thrust into the spotlight and become a media item, they go about trying to construct a believable past, creating photo ops and trying to hold off questions about a wedding date. Of course it’s a tangled web, especially considering Sam’s parents found out about his fiancé when the rest of the state did and there are still unbelievers out there who would like to expose their love for the sham it is, but instead of angst and drama, romantic comedy ensues. Sam and Gary bond as they try to rid themselves of photographers, volunteer at an animal shelter and try to convince the state of North Carolina that they are in love. Within a week or so they’ve done such a good job of it that they’re each starting to think that maybe they’re in love too.

Light on steam but heavy on romance, Sam and Gary make an adorable pair. Gary quickly becomes very protective of Sam and Sam falls just as fast. Gary is smart, funny and has a mischievous streak that quickly charms Sam. When the two men finally take their relationship so that next level, well this is K.C. Wells so you know it’s going to be hot and sexy!

The supporting cast is a fun group from Sam’s best friend Curtis to his Will & Grace obsessed secretary and the poor photographer picked to follow them around, but Sam’s mother takes the cake! She is very serious about her son’s love life and, after determining that Gary is good enough for her Sam, she goes above and beyond to make sure they’re comfortable in her home.

The story is sweet with an Epilogue full of hearts and flowers. It’s one of those books where you’ll sit down to read a chapter and next thing you know, you’re halfway through the book (true story!). A perfect read for when you need a smile and some good old-fashioned romance.