A Fallen Heart

A Fallen Heart - Cate Ashwood Originally reviewed at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

This second book in the series was just as good as the first for me. ER nurse, Ford is hurting from his last relationship with closeted surgeon Dr. Peter Provost. After being used and manipulated and realizing how he became so withdrawn from the rest of his life over the past year, he isn’t looking for another relationship and will not let himself get caught up in someone so much that he loses himself ever again. He’s happy spending his free time working. Nash, a paramedic, is the new partner of Adam ([b:A Forced Silence|27804345|A Forced Silence (Zero Hour, #1)|Cate Ashwood|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1447294147s/27804345.jpg|47784213]) and is settling in nicely to his new post when he meets Ford. Nash and Ford immediately take notice of each other when they meet at the hospital but Ford is absolutely not going to get involved with anyone, no matter how sexy they are.

The main relationship conflict lies with Ford. His relationship with the manipulative surgeon took an emotional toll on him. He’s hyper-guarded about getting too close and allowing himself to be taken in again. As much as he tells himself Nash isn’t Peter, the damage has been done and every step they take forward brings a new spike of panic. Luckily Nash knows what’s going on and he’s not going to just give up and let Ford run scared. Nash is patient and knows that Ford isn’t really running from him. He knows just how to nudge Ford the right way and when Ford finally gives in to his attraction to Nash -- Holy Hotness! These two are on fire together and it gets better every time.

While Ford may want to keep Nash at arm’s length, this is not a slow burn as far as the sex goes. As much as Ford wants to resist, Nash is pretty irresistible. Nash’s intention is to go casual with Ford, understanding why he needs it, but he just can’t help his growly, alpha self, especially when Ford is running hot and cold. As much as Ford is afraid, he is pulled in by Nash’s obvious caring and sexy nature. But as perfect as he seems, even Nash has his limits. Told from both their points of view, I really had a good feel for both Ford and Nash who are very likable and relatable characters. Their story is romantic and sexy and I liked watching Ford’s walls come falling down.

This book also continues the murder mystery that started in A Forced Silence as Ford gets attached to the latest young victim of the apparent serial killer, thirteen year old Joel, when he is brought into the ER. While the main focus is on the relationship Cate Ashwood still manages to move the murder mystery storyline ahead quite a bit, especially in the tension-filled last parts of the story.

Like with the first book, I pretty much read this straight through. While I wouldn’t call the ending a cliffhanger since our MCs are all good and no one we know is in imminent danger, it does drop a twist as far as the mystery goes, leaving us knowing that there is more going on than anyone suspected and that the murders will continue. Luckily for us, so will the series. Fingers crossed that Jack’s story will be next.