Lost in the Echo

Lost in the Echo - Jack L. Pyke Release day review and e-book giveaway to come at .

This story revolves around a set of events that is a mystery to the reader. In typical Jack L. Pyke style, I felt a bit lost at the start, like I was thrust into the middle of something, experiencing it from the character’s mindset, but all is revealed in time. It is obvious from the beginning that there is a sadness around Will. There is discord, anger and someone missing from his life (lover, ex, friend?) and all of it is weighing heavily on Will. There is bad blood and hurt between Will and his co-worker Elliot, who have some sort of history and it doesn’t seem good. Will is glad to know Elliot is taking a new job and leaving the University. On the other hand Ryan, Elliot’s son, seems to be on Will’s side of whatever happened and also seems to be touched by the same sadness.

With the school break starting Will is heading off for some time alone to his cabin on the shore near his childhood home. Things soon turn bad as Will finds himself attacked, drugged, blindfolded and waking up bound to a bed at the mercy of two men he calls “Voice” and “Friend”. He doesn’t know what they want from him other than three answers to three questions over three days and that they are willing to get violent to get what they want.

Bits and pieces of Will’s story, good and bad, are revealed through his memories with each question asked by Voice as Friend “urges” compliance. We learn about the people and moments in Will’s life and what brought him to his current state of mind. The history between him and Elliot is revealed; two men whose lives are devoted to language, yet they can’t find a way to use it when it matters most. Ryan’s place in their lives also becomes very clear. I really don’t want to say more about the details of this story since it would spoil the experience.

Lost in the Echo is a story of love, loss, grief and regrets. I’ll admit that I had some issues with how things played out relating to Will’s abduction, but I can ignore those niggles in light of the emotional chord Jack L. Pyke struck in the aftermath. The way secrets, indecision and lost moments all combined to create a perfect storm ending in a tragedy that changed so many lives so quickly, had me grieving and shedding some tears along with the men in the story. It’s so much more than an abduction story. An abduction can’t erase the past and only real communication can change the future and offer up a second chance; that is if Will even wants to.

The story is novella length and has so many layers that are slowly revealed, I read it twice before reviewing it just to make sure I had the full effect. There were a couple times I did wish I had a bit more insight into certain characters and their actions, but in the end I had enough information and background to feel everyone’s pain and hope for a better future for them all.

What starts as a mystery, turns into a nightmare and ultimately ends up a tale of love, loss, family, hope and forgiveness. First and foremost this is a drama, but there is an underlying story of romance that hangs in the balance. Through all the mistakes, misunderstandings, desperation, love and grief there is a way for Will to find his way out of it all.