Enemies of the State: The Executive Office

Enemies of the State: The Executive Office - Tal Bauer It took me a while to read this, it had its ups and downs, but overall I did enjoy it. There's a lot going on, some of it stretching belief, but I'm a big fan of the action movie genre so I have no problem allowing the plot to bend reality a bit if it leads to some good explosions, betrayals and action scenes. Plenty of politics, a treasonous military maniac bent on running the world and trying to figure out who was with him and who was against him in the President's inner circle kept the story moving.

I enjoyed the love story too. President Jack having been married to his wife who was killed in the service 15 years prior, has never had any one else he really felt attracted to until things move forward with Ethan the secret service agent in charge of his detail - I'm not sure if Jack is demisexual or bisexual, it's never discussed, but his attraction to Ethan really only flares after Ethan lays it all out for him. I did notice that Ethan cries an awful lot (not that big boys can't cry) and I did wonder if he was headed for an emotional breakdown, but outside of that he's a pretty badass agent and gets to put his Army and Secret Service training to the test. All of that is fine, but when these two get together it's sometimes like two teenagers in love, but they are very sweet together.

Outside of the above and a few editing issues that jumped out at me, it was really a well researched, detailed story and I'm looking forward to the next book.