THIRDS Beyond the Books: Volume 2

THIRDS Beyond the Books: Volume 2 - Charlie Cochet Read Volumes 1 and 2 together and reviewed as one at Sinfully June 2016.

A must for any THIRDS fan! If you follow Charlie Cochet on social media you probably already know about THIRDS Thursdays where readers submit prompts for a flash fiction story they would like to see. Depending on when the story was written, some has been covered in subsequent books, but here you’ll find a collection of some of these shorts ranging from alternate points of view and bonus scenes, to childhood flashbacks. All the main characters are represented, but there are also looks at Austen and Zach, Lou and Bradley and Gabe. So grab your gummy bears, put on that Def Leppard album and dive in!

From first kisses and meetings to first shifts, the stories range from fun (Maddock having “the talk” with Dex including video) to those that will tug at your heart (Dex freaking when Cael has to get his Therian tattoo). I’m a sucker for the stories revolving around the men as children and I loved getting a peek into the early days of Seb and Hudson’s tragic romance, as well as seeing Gabe interact with his team. I guarantee any THIRDS fan will find something new and interesting in this book. You’ll also probably leave with a better understanding of your favorite characters.

I would not start here if you haven’t at least read the first book in the THIRDS series, but this is a wonderful companion to the series. The stories are brief and headlined with the prompt it was written for, allowing you to pick and choose among favorite characters if you wish, or just pick and choose depending on your mood. Since the prompts were reader requests, you’ll probably find something you yourself have wondered about while reading the THIRDS books.

It’s a perfect read to get you by as you wait for the next book. If that’s not enough to entice you, all royalties from this book will be donated to the Big Cat Rescue (