Blueprint - R.J. Jones Release day review posted at Sinfully.

Jet is 29 years old, a drama teacher by day, bartender by night and is living with his twin brother Gray and Gray’s boyfriend Kris. If you’ve read [b:Black & Bluhe|25669472|Black & Bluhe (Out of the Blue, #2)|R.J. Jones||45493125] you know all about these three. If not, you need to know that the twins have a very co-dependent relationship stemming from Gray’s guilt over Jet having nearly been beaten to death when they were teenagers. The two know that the relationship is unhealthy and Gray is in counselling, but they also know that they will always be more emotionally dependent on each other than others may understand. Luckily, Kris loves and understands Jet and Gray’s need to be close and he will do anything for them.

As much as Jet loves them, he is finding it more and more uncomfortable living with Gray and Kris, feeling like a third wheel and a bit sad seeing them have a relationship he doesn’t think he ever will. He is ready to move out but knows how Gray will react and realistically he doesn’t think he could live on his own or far from Gray. For now he’s settling for a few nights out at work at the club, picking up someone for a back room quickie when he feels the need, without Gray there to scare the men off. Jet’s never been on a date and doesn’t see a relationship in his future.

Ethan returns home to bury his father, having spent the last three years working as an architect in Australia. Kris and Ethan are old friends as were their fathers and the two reconnect after his father’s funeral. Ethan is ready to stay in California, getting his old job back and looking for a place to live. He’s also ready to get out and doesn’t hesitate when the opportunity for a quick, anonymous hook up with the gorgeous bartender presents itself.

When the apartment Ethan buys turns out to be across the hall from Kris, Ethan gets the shock of his life when he discovers his gorgeous bartender lives there too. It’s too bad that Gray seems to hate him on sight. Ethan wants more with Jet, but Jet doesn’t know how to be with anyone outside of a hookup. These conflicting outlooks lead to nerves, apprehension, confusion and hurt feelings. Ethan is determined to teach Jet how to slow things down and find joy in the intimacy of sharing himself with another both in and out of bed and he can be pretty patient.

I have been wanting to read Jet’s story since I finished Black & Bluhe. Jet is sweet and sexy, with an obvious joy for life (and lacy underwear), but he has a vulnerability about him as well. The ordeal he went through as a teen will always be there between him and his brother and necessarily colors his outlook on things. Ethan is loving and patient and determined to win Jet over. Winning Jet over may be difficult, but not nearly as difficult as winning over Gray will be.

The story is relatively angst-free and I loved seeing Jet learn how to be with someone. The chemistry between him and Ethan is immediate so that’s not the problem. Jet has to learn how to just be with someone, what to do after sex, what to do on a date and how to deal with opening himself up and trusting Ethan enough to share his past. He yearns for the contentment he sees between his brother and Kris, he just doesn’t know how to get there.

The story focuses on Jet and Ethan’s romance, but just as important is the story of Jet and Gray. The brothers have spent all their time together since they were 18 years old, with Gray placing himself in the role of Jet’s protector. Even when Kris became a part of their lives the two were never separated. For Jet to even spend a night across the hall causes Gray extreme duress. Just like in Black & Bluhe, the brothers are a package deal and Ethan has to be able to handle that, but unlike the easy relationship Kris and Jet have, Gray and Ethan do nothing but clash until things literally come to blows.

The story is told in alternating points of view and moves at a good pace. There are appearances from all the couples in the series. This book can stand alone but it is also a continuation of Black & Bluhe and I think reading that first will give the reader a deeper understanding of Grey’s near obsession over his brother and Kris’ role in their lives. Know that either way you’re in for a sweet romance, hot sex, and touching hurt-comfort story with a happy ending for not just Ethan and Jet, but for all the couples in the series.