The Assistants

The Assistants - Camille Perri I guess I wasn't in the target millennial audience but there was not much to like here. Thin plot, simplistic writing, unlikable characters (other than the poor sap of a bf the MC had), no tension, drama, originality or substance.

Maybe it was supposed to be satire but it wasn't entertaining or funny and I couldn't find anything redeeming about anyone here. Knowingly steal money, call it accidental or blame everyone else, go to a school you know you can't afford then whine about all the loans as you sit back on your privilege waiting for the world to give you what you think you are owed in a dead end job and do nothing to further yourself or your career. Hate your boss for working his ass off and maybe doing things just as illegal as you did even though he treats you fine and would probably have helped you out if you showed any initiative. I guess I just spent my college and work years working too hard to get where I wanted to be to feel any sympathy for these whiners who basically got away with everything.

Each stereotypical character was worse than the one before. I assume comparisons to a Robin Hood character are supposed to make it seem like they were doing good, but stealing from the rich to give the privileged but lazy is not what I'd call a charitable motive.