The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things - Ruth Hogan 3.5 stars

The secondary story of Eunice and Bomber made the book for me. I would have read a whole book about their relationship. The second best part was the short stories about how the some of the objects were lost. These were often dark or devious - quite different from the main storyline.

The main storyline, especially the romance between Laura and Freddy, was predictable and I felt that the love story was thrown in because the author was told it was necessary (they were fairly dull characters and the romance lacked passion - seemed more a romance of convenience). I would have been happier for Laura to really come into her own with a friendship and possibility of the romance on the horizon, but hey, that's just me.

I was surprised that later on there was some magical realism with ghosts and some sixth sense courtesy of Sunshine, Laura's young neighbor and new best friend, thrown into the mix.

The story was a bit uneven, but enjoyable nonetheless.