The Crying Game

The Crying Game - Kol Anderson 3.5 stars

I liked where Kol was going with this story of brotherly love. I really liked William; the emotional and uncertain man who wants nothing more than his brother to love him, broke my heart. I even liked the cold, controlling, manipulative Alex, although I wouldn't have minded seeing him get some comeuppance. However, there was something that felt like this was meant to be more of a story than what I read. There were a couple of things that happened that weren't explained or fleshed out, and I kept wondering about them, minor as they may have been, for instance why would it have been such a big deal that Alex stayed at the house overnight with William and the ending felt a bit rushed. Anyone who follows my reviews knows I'm a big fan of [a:Kol Anderson|7127330|Kol Anderson|] and if in fact there is going to be more of the brothers' story, I would love to see it, especially in light of the surprise ending.