Bromantically Yours

Bromantically Yours - K.C. Wells Reviewed at Sinfully.

If you want a quick, light, no-angst, friends to lovers romance for Valentine’s Day, Bromantically Yours just might fit the bill, especially if you’ve already read K.C. Wells’ [b:Out of the Shadows|35455651|Out of the Shadows|K.C. Wells||56844321] where Nate and Dylan were first introduced (while reading it isn’t necessary to the story, the background of all the players is there and it would definitely enhance your reading experience of this novella).

Nate and Dylan have been best friends going on 20 years, and along with their friends Logan, Josh and Christian, they are a tight-knit group. When a group night out becomes just Nate and Dylan, they return to Nate’s house, which is nothing out of the ordinary except this time a few drinks and some porn turns into something they never expected. After a brief bit of worry, and some support from their friends, Nate and Dylan decide to give some romance a try.

While Nate and Dylan don’t need to go through the getting to know you phase, they do need to get through a getting to know you in a different light phase and this plays out with sweetness and humor as they stumble through dates and trying to impress the other. They also start remembering feelings that were pushed aside for not making sense and that, along with their friends’ reactions help them accept what’s happening.

Even though they already love each other, the possibility of being in love is at times scary, sexy and unbelievable for each of them, but they take everything in stride without any big misunderstandings or panicked stupid moves. I loved that when things got physical, they had fun with it. This being a Valentine’s Day story there is, of course, the big date, pulling out all the stops to impress like any new couple would want to do on their first one, and it played out perfectly. Other than a slight bit of tension when one of the men comes out to his mother, the story sails along with romance, fun, love and steam.

If you want a short, sweet romance about two best bro’s finally falling into a relationship that all their friends have been waiting for, but they never saw coming, you should give this one a try.