63 Days Later: A Holiday Tail

63 Days Later: A Holiday Tail - Adrienne Wilder Reviewed for Sinfully.

This is a sweet and sexy novella that catches us up with August, Keegan and Daisy “roughly eighteen months and 63 days” after the events in [b:WILD|36102973|WILD|Adrienne Wilder|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1503393133s/36102973.jpg|56999998]. The blurb says it could work as a standalone, and it could, there’s a full story here, but I would absolutely recommend reading WILD first, not just because it’s fantastic, but you would have a better understanding of just how far Keegan has come and just how much this little family has been through.

The men are living on their property in Virginia and are as in love as ever. Daisy is still with them and still surprising them and keeping them on their toes. Although August seems to have mostly put what happened in Alaska behind him, he has incorporated some of the way they lived in Alaska into their new life. Keegan has settled comfortably into their home for the most part, but he is still struggling to acclimate to certain aspects of being back in civilization. Being out around other people is still difficult and can result in a panic attack and some guilt and nightmares still persist. One thing that he is sure of is his love for August and the lengths he would go to in order to keep him happy.

The story, told in alternating points of view, begins in the days leading up to Christmas when an unexpected gift arrives under the tree. Keegan and August have differing opinions on how to handle things, with Keegan’s views shaped by all the time he spent in the Alaskan wilderness and August’s by his overall loving nature. When it all boils down, Keegan would do anything to keep August happy. The two bicker and have make-up sex and do what’s necessary to keep their family together even when things get overwhelming and yes, there are a few tense moments here.

If you fell in love with Keegan, August and Daisy in WILD you will adore this story and the peek at how the men are doing. It’s a delightful read that is funny, touching and hot, and just made me like these characters even more.