A Christmas Promise

A Christmas Promise - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars

When Micah finds a badly beaten man on the side of the road his first thought is to help. As Greg is recovering in the hospital, with Micah by his side, a strange coincidence is discovered. By this twist of fate, Greg finds himself taken in by Micah and his father, Joshua, as he recovers from his injuries.

Something in Joshua’s past is the reason Greg was travelling when Micah found him. Joshua’s story is a bit heartbreaking, but also plays a big part in building Greg’s resolve to finally be true to himself. It takes a while but Greg eventually realizes he is attracted to Micah, who feels the same way, but as often happens, someone needs a bit of a push to make his move. As Thanksgiving passes to Christmas and everyone gets to know each other, Micah and Greg move from strangers to friends and their building mutual attraction ultimately results in them falling in love.

This story captures many moods of the holiday season, including celebrating with family, remembering loved ones no longer with us and a bit of the holiday magic that just might be helping nudge fate along. Add in some holiday lights, and what you have is a touching, sweet slow build romance with a fitting happy ending for two young men ready to start the rest of their lives together.