Heard - A.M. Arthur Reviewed for Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Each book I read in the series brings me a new favorite couple, so basically it means I love all the couples whose stories we’ve gotten so far and Constable Karter Jenks and Jax Orris are no exception. This story moves on from brothers Braun and Kell, but they are still here with their mates and friends, helping out and moving forward.

When Alpha Karter finds Omega Jax in an abandoned house with his baby, he also finds his mate. He is supposed to be arresting Jax for a couple of break-ins, but finds that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Jax has escaped a horrific situation. Having his voice taken is just one of the atrocities that he survived. I was both amazed and horrified at what Jax had been forced to do (I seriously don’t know how A.M. Arthur came up with that but wow!).

Karter Jenks has been around in the background from the first book. Being raised by a strict, conservative Alpha has shaped his views on omega’s rights, but seeing the abuse suffered by Braun and Kell opened his eyes and we have seen him softening his positions. Finding his bondmate has been abused as well, quickly has him doing his best to mute his “alphahole” tendencies. He’s not perfect and often falls back on old behaviors, but he tries his hardest to be everything Jax needs. Even knowing his father will disapprove of him taking on an Omega who had previously mated and had a child, doesn’t stop him from committing to care for Jax from the start.

Jax is unlike any other omega we have met in this universe for a number of reasons. He has been in survival mode for some time now and his priority has been keeping his baby safe. When Jax agrees to go with Karter he finds not only a mate, but a whole support system in Braun and Tarek, Kell and Ronin and Serge and Dex. He bonds with Kell especially, as they have much in common, but it takes him a while to really trust any of them. Just because Jax can’t verbalize, doesn’t mean he can’t get his point across. He isn’t going to be made to do anything he doesn’t want or agree with, and he isn’t going to let his mate be an alphahole either. I loved Jax’s spirit and his fight.

While both acknowledge they are bondmates and want each other, they both have a lot to work at. Karter has been changing his outlook, but still has to fight some of his tendencies to act before he thinks when it comes to gender roles. Jax has to work on trusting people again, especially when it comes to his son, and he even questions his own motives for bonding with Karter. While their bonding is driven by the mating call, they still take time to get to know each other sharing some very sweet moments together as both a couple and a family.

A.M. Arthur packs a lot into those stories. From the horrible treatment of omegas, to the loving and supportive family unit the couples and their friends have formed, we see people at their worst and their best. Jax learning to accept the love and support of this group was as good as Karter finally being tamed by his omega.

Jax’s story ties into the previous books so you definitely would benefit from having read them first. Karter has gone through a lot of changes from his appearances in earlier books and I loved this new, protective, respectful Alpha he becomes. Jax and his son completely melt the man. Jax and Karter have good chemistry and I loved the turn things took after they mated. Jax was forced to become tough and forceful, looking out for and protecting himself and his son at all costs in captivity and on the street and that strength comes through even once he is safe with Karter and his friends.

I won’t say what Jax went through before Karter found him but the investigation of it results in some tense moments towards the end of the book. There are also plenty of things going on with all the men we’ve met and much to look forward to in coming books. This was another emotional story in this series and if you ever wondered about trying an omegaverse or mpreg story I recommend this series.