Tried & True

Tried & True - Charlie Cochet Originally reviewed at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Not much can be said about the story without spoiling it. Tried & True is the last official novel in the THIRDS series and paves the way for the new TIN books. It felt more like a transition than an ending, which is a good thing. With just days before Dex and Sloane are going to tie the knot, there is plenty that can go wrong, and go wrong it does. Come on, Dex is a trouble magnet so it should be no surprise to anyone that the wedding and everyone’s lives are threatened.

It’s been four years since Dex and Sloane first met and they’ve been through a lot of changes. They’ve also solidified their relationship and built a family out of the members of Destructive Delta and others they’ve worked with. Now that everything is about to change again, a wedding is the perfect way to bring everyone together for one last party. A wedding is also a perfect time for emotions to run high and there are some lovely and tear-jerking moments as Dex remembers the parents he lost and the man who saved him and became a father to him.

Just as I was getting lulled into a happy, fun, pre-wedding haze, Charlie Cochet shattered it with some action that came out of nowhere and had me shouting expletives at my Kindle. This is where the story ramped up and didn’t let go, leading to some long-building storylines to reach their climax. There is a betrayal revealed that hits all the members of Destructive Delta as the mole is finally ferreted out and long-held secrets come out that explain some characters’ prior actions and change some relationships. Kidnappings, explosions, car crashes and torture – not the sort of pre-wedding excitement any of the team wanted, but THIRDS pulls together to support Destructive Delta.

I loved how all of the team had their moments here. As much as it’s all about Dex and Sloane, there is no Dex and Sloane, without the rest of the characters we have come to know and love and yes, I’m even including Wolf in that group (I can’t be the only one who loves the guy!). In keeping with the rest of the series there is plenty of humor, shenanigans, Dex and Sloane sexy and tender times and fun with the guys in their Therian forms. And yes, there is even a wedding that somehow manages to merge tradition and Dex.

I’m thrilled that this world will continue on with Dex and Sloane’s adventures with TIN and look forward to having some new characters’ stories told and keeping up with the old. I don’t think I need to convince any THIRDS fan that this is a book you need to read now. Yes, it’s an ending, but more so a beginning as the team moves on to their new positions with TIN. There is no cliffhanger here, but there is a direction set for future books and I’m all in for the rest of the ride.