A Bolt of Blue

A Bolt of Blue - Nicky Spencer Reviewed for Sinfully.

3.5 stars

Mitch loves Dusty and Dusty loves Mitch. They’ve been together about two months and Mitch has hidden the relationship from his best friend Ian. Ian is in love with his best-friend Mitch, but hasn’t said anything in the seven years they’ve known each other. On the night he finally is ready to say it, Ian is introduced to Dusty. Mitch knew Ian wouldn’t be happy at the lie but can’t understand just how much Ian seems to hate Dusty. Meanwhile, Dusty wonders if Ian and Mitch don’t love each other more than friends. As Ian spends more time with Dusty, feelings start to arise between them just as Mitch starts to have “more than just friends” feelings for Ian. It all sounds complicated, but it really worked for me.

One night, after too many drinks, something happens that breaks the trust between Mitch and Ian and Dusty and Mitch. As the men break apart, Ian starts to wonder what if they could all have everything they want? Can the three men work their way through their feelings of betrayal and fear and see their way back to each other?

The story is told in alternating points of view so we get into the heads of all three men. Dusty is 29 compared to Mitch and Ian’s 21, and he has a bit more maturity. Ian is a sweetheart and completely at a loss as to how to deal with Mitch being in a serious relationship. Mitch is a bit more stubborn and wants things a certain way. I had a good feel for each character, who were distinct in their voices and personalities.

For the majority of the story the men are working through their own feelings and their own individual relationships with each other. Even though Mitch and Dusty have declared their love and are contemplating moving in together, there are still a lot of secrets. It seems they don’t really talk about the important things. But, as Ian and Dusty are hanging out, Dusty opens up and tells him things he hasn’t even shared with Mitch. This dynamic really affected the way I viewed the relationships. I found that Dusty and Ian had much more chemistry together than Mitch and either one of them. Mitch and Ian worked as best-friends but I didn’t have a very good feel for what Dusty and Mitch had together other than hot sex and some fun times. It’s Ian who pushes them to open up about their families and it was he who pushed them to talk to each other.

I like angst in my books and this story has quite a bit of it, as all of the men struggle with their feelings. There’s a period of separation where none of the men are speaking to each other before Ian finally voices the possibility that they can all have what they want. Mitch is the one that really needs convincing.

When they finally become a threesome, it’s pretty late in the story and I felt like there wasn’t enough time devoted to that change. There are “rules” they talk about in general but we only get a small peek at how things actual work out. I also had a bit of an issue with Mitch and Ian’s transition from friends to lovers. I needed to see some intimacy between just the two of them to really cement that change, but while there’s a sex scene between Ian and Dusty, there wasn’t any one-on-one between Mitch and Ian and that was something I really missed. The three of them all together though, definitely worked for me.

The story is really character driven, but there are some secondary storylines involving Mitch’s sister April, Dusty possibly buying the bar he works at and Ian making some bad dating decisions. The story about Mitch’s sister April was something that didn’t completely work for me. With everything else that was going on it felt like more of a distraction that didn’t really do anything to further the story. I did enjoy some of the secondary characters including Ian’s mother, Dusty’s friends and Mitch’s teammates.

This was a very good debut story from Nicky Spencer. The writing was good and rooting for these three men to figure out how they can all find a place in each other’s lives kept me entertained throughout. Seeing as this is a first in the series I’m hoping to see more of these three and how they are working things out. Overall this was a worthwhile read from a new author and I’ll be looking for more from her.