Separation - Louise Lyons Review originally posted at Sinfully.

Separation is an emotional romance between fraternal twin brothers who were separated shortly after birth and meet for the first time when they are 21. Tam grew up with their biological father, who gave Matt up for adoption when their mother died and he could no longer care for both. Matt was adopted and raised in a loving, well-off family. He never has wanted for anything but always felt a hole inside, as if a part of him was missing. Tam didn’t have it as easy and found out at 18, shortly before their father’s death, that he had a twin out there. That explained his feelings that something was missing, but due to the nature of the adoption agreement he could only leave his information and hope Matt eventually looked for him as well. When Matt’s parents tell him about his brother, he wastes no time looking for him. The story is told in alternating POV from their initial awkward meeting, which quickly morphs into a bonding experience that neither wants to see end, to the first stirrings of something more than a fraternal bond, and follows the men as they create the life together that they feel they were always meant to have.

Shortly after Matt and Tam first meet and bond, things don’t get any easier as the two each quickly realize they are sexually attracted to the other. They don’t look alike and physically are both the other’s type. Tam is the first to realize his feelings and he tries to put some distance between himself and Matt. When Matt soon confronts his own feelings though, there is no stopping them. They do talk things out, take into consideration the legalities, the impact it would have on friends and Matt’s family and just how they can get over their own feelings of guilt. For Tam it’s a bit more difficult as he has spent three years knowing Matt was out there, but Matt’s bond to him is just as strong and they make an amazing team.

While this is a “taboo” story, nothing about it felt gratuitous. Louise Lyons did a wonderful job of making the story feel real and making me want these two together no matter what. In stories like this I want to know that it’s not just an attraction based on the overwhelming emotion of finding a long lost brother, but that there is something else as well. Yes, that unexplainable emotional pull from being a twin to the other has to be there, but there has to be more after that initial feeling. Like any other romance I need there to be that sexual chemistry and I definitely felt the yearning on both sides.

There is an instant bond and attraction and things move very quickly once they get over their initial fears, but due to the circumstances it didn’t bother me at all. I did have a bit of a problem with all the coincidences they had growing up that to me couldn’t really be attributed to a twin bond, but it was just a minor point in the getting to know you plot.

The story occurs in a bit of a bubble, the only other people they interact with are their friend Stef and Matt’s parents, but that is enough to provide the necessary drama. Of course they are inevitably found out and things don’t all pan out the way they expected. The plotline contained enough of an emotional ride for me and nothing was unnecessarily drawn out.

Whether you’ve read “twincest” before or have been debating giving it a go, I can recommend Separation for its lovable characters, hot romance and a satisfying, believable storyline. This was my first read by Louise Lyons, but it won’t be my last.