Switched - N.R. Walker This was a sweet, sexy best friends to lovers story with, complex family dynamics made even more interesting by the switched at birth bombshell dropped on Israel.

After growing up with cold parents who pushed him off on nannies and drivers, the shock of finding out that the family he was born to was the complete opposite throws his mind into turmoil. I loved seeing him find his strength to deal with the family he grew up with and chance meeting with his birth family. With him through all this is his best friend Sam who, has been Israel's refuge from his cold, uncaring home.

Israel is oblivious and the only one that doesn't see that Sam wants more than friendship. The slow build is full tension that eventually explodes between the two. They are an amazing couple and I adored all their interactions.

I liked the way the family issues were handled for the most part, though I still had some lingering questions about Iz's father's attitude towards Sam throughout the story that seemed to go beyond his explanation. Other than that this was a very enjoyable story with a twist that I hadn't read before.