Rockstar Baby

Rockstar Baby - S.C. Wynne Review originally posted at Sinfully.

Starting with that completely adorable cover, I liked this book even better than the first ([b:My Omega's Baby|35525636|My Omega's Baby (Bodyguards and Babies, #1)|S.C. Wynne||56944104]). It’s a sweet story, with a bit of action and suspense, and while it could be read as a standalone, I think you’d get more out of it and understand the background of the world of solar eclipse omegas and their alphas better having read the first book.

Riley, who we met in the first book, is a young, gentle alpha and a closeted rockstar on the rise. Colin is a bodyguard, and a solar eclipse omega, who is recovering from a devastating personal loss. When Colin and Riley meet there is an instant pull toward the other that neither has experienced before. Riley likes the calming effect Colin has on him while Colin sees that Riley isn’t the typical aggressive alpha. Colin’s seen too many of those to ever trust them and he’s an independent omega who doesn’t need an alpha anyway. The two have a hot night together, but the fact that Riley is closeted is not something that Colin can live with. When Riley offers Colin the job of his bodyguard – with no strings attached – the challenge begins; can they keep it professional? Colin is pretty firm about not mixing business with pleasure, but Riley is up for the challenge and suddenly the thought of stardom without being able to share it with someone he cares for isn’t all that appealing.

Told in alternating POV, it was easy to become invested in both men’s attraction to each other and understand why it’s so difficult for each man to commit to a relationship. Not only do they have serious chemistry, but Colin and Riley also really like each other as people. Both have family issues and pasts that they are struggling with and that are part of the reason why it’s difficult to move forward. Once they have spent time together, Riley, much to the chagrin of his sometimes overbearing manager Tom, is ready to come out and risk the backlash. Add into the mix a possible stalker and the men have plenty of bumps to overcome even before Riley finds out about the secret of the solar eclipse omega and what one night of throwing caution and logic to the wind will bring.

Unlike the first story, Riley and Colin are not fated mates so even though their alpha and omega are drawn to each other, they have a bit more control over themselves and the progression of their relationship. There was a bit of a slower build despite the first quick hook up as they get to know each other. I enjoyed their friendly back and forth, their support of each other, the moments of jealousy and the teasing. I liked that their dynamic wasn’t typical alpha/omega. Riley’s alpha is subdued while Colin’s omega isn’t overly needy. They both are protective of the other and they both need comfort and reassurance. All of this worked for me to make the tale a bit more emotional than the first.

The pregnancy storyline was well played out, from the surprise at Colin’s sudden urge to breed to the fear of what he’s done and wondering just how Riley would react and the transition from Colin’s fear of babies to OMG I’m going to be a father! I was happy to see Blade and Wyatt back to support Colin from the start. Riley is the perfect alpha for Colin and if his experience at the birthing compound is anything to go by, I’m hoping Riley will be back in the next book helping out another prickly, hurting omega.

I was glad to find out a bit more about the mysterious Ancients and how they fit into things, but I’m still a little hazy on the connection of these former wolves to the human world. There are some references to humans knowing about them, but I’m not sure just how much the two groups are integrated. This is just a minor niggle though as I’m thoroughly enjoying the focus on this group of alphas and omegas.

So this was another sexy, sweet, emotional and fun story in the series and if there is a next story I will be jumping on it.