Finding His Place

Finding His Place - Nic Starr Review originally posted at Sinfully.

Part of the Memories of the Breakfast Club kindle world, this story can be read as a standalone, although fans of Felice Stevens’ [b:Second to None|28249054|Second to None (The Breakfast Club, #3)|Felice Stevens||48285250] will be happy to be back in Marcus and Tyler’s world, as the story is set in and around Marcus’ club Sparks and stars Darius the former head of security and now manager.

Kieran has never come first to anyone, but he never stops hoping and never stops being let down. He’s been rejected by his father, never even met his brother and although his mother loves him, she casts him out every time his father decides to grace her with his presence. Envious of the brother who seems to have it all, and done trying to please the father who never wanted him, Kieran takes a job at Sparks, without disclosing who he is, hoping to find out just what Marcus has that he doesn’t. Why he got the love from their father that Kieran didn’t get. He’s also hoping to make some money to allow himself to become a bit more independent and decide what he’s going to do with the business degree he didn’t really want to get.

Darius is happy with working at his friend Marcus’ club Sparks, but a bad business deal with an ex has left him not wanting to be involved in either a relationship or as a partner in the club. But Darius is drawn to the new bartender like he hasn't been drawn to anyone before. He just needs to get over his fear. A little push from his employees, Marcus and Tyler, and a drunken night out help him along that road. Meanwhile, Marcus and Tyler are preparing for a charity benefit at the club, but Marcus is also concerned about some strange things that are going on around his family. Darius is trying to help him out, putting his security background to good use.

Kieran and Darius are both sort of stuck in their lives and both need to make some changes if they want to be happy, but they both need to find a reason to do it. They are also both soured on love for different reasons. There is a spark between them, and everyone around can see it, but it takes a while before they acknowledge it to the other, so it’s a bit of a slow burn as they bond as co-workers and friends first. The spark ignites when they finally give in and their chemistry was hot.

I really felt for Kieran. He’s a nice guy who puts everyone else first and hasn’t really lived his life for himself. He’s treated pretty poorly even by his mother, who does love him. When the brother he never met, but hates on principle, turns out to actually be the great guy that everyone says he is, Kieran decides to finally tell Darius who he really is and to take a chance and introduce himself to Marcus, hoping to have a relationship with his brother. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it. But when his lie of omission causes even bigger problems and misunderstandings for everyone, Kieran has to decide if he’s finally ready to fight for what he wants or once again live with being rejected. My heart definitely hurt for him, even though part of what happened was his own doing.

I thought Nic Starr did a wonderful job of incorporating her new character of Kieran into Felice Stevens’ Breakfast Club world, while still creating a love story that stands on its own for readers not familiar with the original books. There’s a bit of action at the end but overall it’s a sweet, slow-burn love story. I loved watching Kieran slowly start living life the way he wanted it and getting not just everything he wanted with his sexy crush, but the family he so deserved.