Lickety Split

Lickety Split - Damon Suede 3.5 stars

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this one. I have a feeling this is one of those books that would work better for me on a re-read, I didn’t love it and didn’t hate it, I just struggled a bit through it. Age gap, opposites attract and a bit of kink should be an easy win in my book, plus it’s Damon Suede. I admit I had a lot of trouble with the dialect and when Tucker was talking to Patch I often really wasn’t sure what he was saying. I also had trouble with Tucker’s attitude overall, but by the end of the story I was invested in their happiness.

There is a lot happening in this story, but I felt like Patch dealing with the past was a bit unfinished. How is he the only one with such a different POV on how his parents viewed him? I know as a child your view is skewed, but could things have been that uneven? Did his father put on an act for others but treat him as a huge disappointment at home? The way Tucker treated him in the past was addressed and I understood what happened, but I felt a bit lost as to what actually happened to make Patch run away from home when he did.

The sex scenes, particularly the edging scenes were intense. They aren’t fluffy and tender, but they are hot. I did feel their emotional connection, though it took a while to get there and I liked the juxtaposition of Tucker’s slower life with Patch’s non-stop moving and them working to find a compromise. Then ending felt HFN as they have a plan, but I’d kind of like to see just how it works out.