Soul Searching

Soul Searching - A.J.  Rose Reviewed for Sinfully.

Trevor, along with his best-friend and roommate Merrick, find odd things happening in the apartment they’ve shared for two months. Whether it’s a feeling of being watched, items moved around or unexplained noises, Trevor has the feeling that something is amiss. Trevor is also pining for his longtime friend Merrick, but has never found the right time to express his feelings. Now Merrick is involved with Will, who isn’t a nice guy. Put their friend Tempest “Pest” in the middle of all of it and what you get is a fast-paced story with plenty of chills that will have you on the edge of your seat and rooting for our two MCs to open their eyes and their mouths and get their act together before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this book. This story is more paranormal thriller with a romantic secondary storyline, though they both tie together quite nicely. There’s already tension in the house as Trevor has to suffer through Will’s presence in their lives. It’s bad enough that Trevor wants to be with Merrick, but Will treats Merrick poorly and is spending more and more time in their home. As this is happening, the strange goings on in the house are becoming more intense. Pest has an interest in magic, spirituality and “the other side” and pushes Trevor and Merrick to try a séance and contact a psychic to find out what is going on, while at the same time pushing Trevor to tell Merrick how he feels. Neither Trevor nor Merrick are very good at reading the other’s signs or talking things over.

The story is told only from Trevor’s point of view, but Pest is able to fill in some of what Merrick is feeling as well since she talks to both of them and isn’t afraid to express her opinion. Her character definitely walked that line of being completely annoying and intrusive in the name of friendship and I did find myself annoyed with her at times, as did the MCs, although she proves herself in the end.

It takes quite a bit of time, but eventually Trevor and Merrick are forced to face their feelings for each other, and of course they are perfectly suited for each other, but it seems their finding happiness together just enrages the spirit in the house even more. I have to say that these friends definitely had more than a few too stupid to live moments as they lasted a lot longer in that living space than any rational human being should have. It did make for a good, climactic encounter with the malevolent spirit though. AJ Rose builds the eerie feelings and suspense into some true horror moments when the friends’ showdowns with the spirit get more dangerous and terrifying.

I’d definitely recommend this story for anyone who likes a spooky, haunted house story with plenty of tense moments and a friends to lovers romance woven in.