Any Given Sunday (A Southern Scrimmage Companion Book 6)

Any Given Sunday (A Southern Scrimmage Companion Book 6) - Mercy Celeste I reviewed the for a Quick Bite at Sinfully. Click here for your chance to win a copy from July 3-5.

Although labeled book 6 and the latest published in the series, I think Any Given Sunday is best read as book 3 in the series as it fills out the story of Bo and Dylan, and runs concurrently with the first two books. Although a number of people have issues with Bo and Levi’s story, many more adore the storyline and AGS fleshes out what occurred during the six years Dylan was in the service and the details of Bo and Levi/Liv’s romantic relationship. There’s plenty of hot sex here, but also plenty of real emotion.

I was thrilled to have the fuller story and I think this might also change some minds on the Bo and Levi front when you see just how important this relationship was and how heart-breaking the whole situation turned out to be. It also gave me a better understanding of how it affected the three men even after couples Bo and Dylan, and Tracy and Levi were happily together. It also provides more insight into how Bo and Dylan dealt with their relationship during their long separation. A must read for fans of the series!