Memories with The Breakfast Club: Hot Date (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Hot Date (Memories with The Breakfast Club) - Felice Stevens Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Hot Date is a short story that catches us up with Nick and Julian from [b:Beyond the Surface|25529001|Beyond the Surface (The Breakfast Club, #1)|Felice Stevens||45316695]. It’s part of Felice Stevens’ Memories with The Breakfast Club Kindle World – stories by different authors that are spun off from her books in the Memories and Breakfast Club series. While this one will work best for fans of Julian and Nick, you could also pick it up and jump into it as a story of an established couple hitting some bumps. Necessary background is given for new readers, but fans will recognize all the other players in the story.

It’s been two years since the couple first reconnected and now they are married and still very much in love. With Julian’s business taking off again and him working all the time, Nick is starting to worry whether Julian has regrets about settling down with him. Nick still has some insecurities about his scars, but this isn’t the same old Nick we first met and he is determined to work through things and make sure Julian is happy. If only he could have Julian’s attention all to himself for the time it takes. Julian loves Nick, but he is also thrilled his business is taking off. He has a feeling something is bothering Nick and feels him pulling away, but Julian can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Thankfully their friends Zach and Marcus have no issues stepping in to help these two find their way.

For a short story we get an awful lot. It’s much more than just the hot date the blurb suggests. It’s actually a story about these two working their way back to each other when life keeps trying to pull them away. Having both Julian’s and Nick’s points of view makes it clear that they just need to air a couple of issues and to get some alone time together to reconnect. I struggled with Nick somewhat in Beyond the Surface, but here he had me with him from the start.I was surprised that I got emotional over Nick’s worrying. He is really trying, recognizing the issue and seeking help, even if he is finding it hard to communicate directly to Julian about what is bothering him. Julian loves and wants Nick as much as he ever did, but is clueless at how much Nick is missing him and how much he is distracted by work. Luckily, his best friend Marcus is glad to bluntly tell him what’s what.

So that was the emotional, but not angsty, part of the story. Don’t worry, there is still the hot date and hot sex that the title and blurb refer to. Julian and Nick have great chemistry and I love their banter. Their sex is fun and it was great to see them letting go and getting dirty with each other.

A must read for fans of Nick and Julian and a recommended read if you like stories about established couples working their way back to the passion and romance that started it all.