Step by Step

Step by Step - K.C. Wells Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

First off, can we talk about that cover! That look passing between them? That is Guy and Jamie. This is a sweet, fairytale-like story. I love age gap romances and this one worked well for me. Guy is 38 and Jamie is 20 when they meet in the public library, and Jamie is having probably the worst day of his life. Jamie is putting himself through college as his parents spent his college fund on their seemingly endless divorce proceedings, he is working three two jobs (he was just let go from one), and he has just been evicted from his apartment. He’s trying to decide whose couch he could crash on since he can’t bear to be around either of his parents as they bash the other.

Guy overhears Jamie’s phone conversation and offers to listen if he wants to talk. After hearing all the details he offers Jamie a deal – a place to live and full payment of his tuition; the only repayment he asks is for Jamie to pay it forward someday. Guy was once in a similar position and had a benefactor help him out. Jamie is Guy’s opportunity to settle the debt he feels is owed. Although Jamie is skeptical at first, seeing Guy’s house and listening to him convinces Jamie to give it a try. After all, he’s about to homeless and desperate to continue his education. Jamie is soon assured that Guy is just a good man paying it forward. The two get along great and Guy, through his connections and past experience, does everything he can to help Jamie out with his schooling and to reach his goal of becoming a lawyer. As their living situation goes on, Jamie starts to think maybe he isn’t so straight after all. He’s had little time for dating and had never really considered his sexuality, but Guy is bringing out thoughts and feelings that are foreign but are far from unpleasant.

This is a very slow burn. The two bond over everyday living, Jamie meets Guys twins who are the same age as him and different as night and day. About halfway through the story, when Jamie finally gets up the nerve to ask for what he wants (after a dose of liquid courage) watch out because their first kiss is HOT! That kiss just sets the stage for some of the hottest sex scenes K.C. Wells has written in a while. From sexting, to Jamie being more than willing to learn all there is to know about what turns both him and Guy on, the sex was plentiful and varied but didn’t overwhelm the story.

The dual POV works great here. We get to see that Guy isn’t after anything from Jamie and it isn’t until friends start pointing out the looks they sneak at each other that Guy starts to look at Jamie differently, not that he would make a move on his straight roomie. Meanwhile, Jamie is struggling with figuring out and placing a label on his sexuality. His friend Ryan is his go to for support and guidance even if he does sometimes make his point at the expense of embarrassing Jamie.

This isn’t an angsty story, in fact it’s relatively drama free outside of them just figuring out how to make things work. Guy and Jamie both act like adults and work hard to make sure the transition from friends to lovers is what they both want. The age gap of about 17 years doesn’t bother Guy and Jamie, though it bothers some of their family members who have no qualms about letting them know it. Sure, there are some awkward moments, but their chemistry and the love that develops naturally between them drives the story.

I absolutely loved the Epilogue, and Guy’s friend and Jamie’s mentor Cole’s suspicious behavior there makes me wonder if his story isn’t in the works as I write this. If you love a feel good, super sexy, relationship centered story, go check this one out.