Seen: An Omegaverse Story (Breaking Free Book 2)

Seen (Breaking Free #2) - A.M. Arthur Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Seen picks up immediately after [b:Saved: An Omegaverse Story|35967286|Saved An Omegaverse Story (Breaking Free, #1)|A.M. Arthur||57521666] ends and I wouldn’t suggest reading this as a standalone. If you haven’t read the first book yet, this review and the blurb itself will contain some spoilers of that first book.

This is Kell’s story and it’s much more emotional than the first was, as heartbreaking as it is joyful. Kell has spent his life in hell. First under the thumb of his abusive father and then mated to an even worse Alpha, Krause Iverson, who brutally abused and tortured Kell for three years. Kell is now awaiting trial on the murder of Krause. Kell has no memory of what happened, but he knows he was found in bed, next to his murdered mate with his fingerprint on the murder weapon. Kell’s younger brother Braun and his mate Tarek have hired Tarek’s college roommate, Ronin Cross, to defend Kell. Kell and Ronin knew each other briefly in their teens, but haven’t seen each other in 10 years. What Kell doesn’t know and Ronin does is that Kell is Ronin’s bondmate. Kell’s trial is precedent setting as an Omega has never been tried for murdering his Alpha. The stakes are high, but the personal stakes are even higher. Ronin will do anything to protect Kell, but first they all have to survive the trial.

If you’re reading this review, I’m going to assume you’ve already read Seen and completely felt for Kell. You know his past isn’t pleasant, but what was shown in that book only scratched the surface of how much abuse he suffered. It’s not easy to read and you should definitely heed the trigger warnings.

Kell is understandably in deep despair. As strong as Kell is, he is afraid for his life in prison, mostly afraid of the reach of Senior Iverson. He fully expects that he will not survive to see a trial. He is mourning the loss of baby Branson, afraid that he has put his brother in danger and there are times he feels it would be better for everyone if he wasn’t around. He believes that even if he makes it out, he is used up and would be a burden. Certainly he would never have another mate. When Ronin appears and promises to do everything to defend and protect him, Kell wants to believe, but Ronin being an Alpha doesn’t inspire trust. Other than his brother’s mate Tarek, he hasn’t met a kind Alpha and he’s still not convinced he can trust Tarek. When Ronin steps in as Kell’s guardian and they spend almost all their time together, it becomes hard for Kell to deny the bondmate and it also starts to slowly become clear that Ronin is like no other Alpha he’s ever met.

Ronin has never forgotten Kell. When they met Ronin felt Kell had been too young in to be pressured into a mating and now he knows Kell is in no position to consider it for a whole new set of reasons. Ronin won’t let that stop him from doing everything in his power to save Kell and make him see how precious he is in Ronin’s eyes. Their relationship is fraught with potential disaster, from health issues to the possibility of Kell going to jail for the rest of his life. If you’re in the market for a new book boyfriend, Ronin just might fit the bill. He is smart, sexy and sweet. His respect and love for Kell is just heart-melting. Their relationship builds slowly, and with Kell approaching his first heat since his pregnancy, Ronin once again proves just how much he treasures Kell.

Aside from the love story and trial procedural, there is plenty of tension. Senior Iverson is a loose cannon and there is no question that he would be happy to see Kell dead and wouldn’t hesitate to go after those Kell loves as well. Everyone from the first book is back again, Braun and Tarek, Dex and Serge, and even Constable Jenks. As far as the Mpreg goes, it is discussed and a part of the story, after all Kell is still recovering from having nearly died delivering his child in the previous book, but there is no actual pregnancy storyline here in this installment.

A.M. Arthur got me with this one. It started off with tears of sadness and worked its way up to tears of joy. There was romance, steamy sex, heart in your throat moments and there were some surprises too. If that wasn’t enough, one tantalizing little piece of information that is dropped near the end that I hope we get to see play out in the next book (no, there’s not a major cliffhanger in this one). With another book on the horizon I wonder if it will be Alpha Constable Jenks falling? He certainly has grown since he was introduced and would be interesting to see him as an Alpha at the mercy of a bondmate. I’ll be looking forward to reading the next one either way.