Tramps and Thieves

Tramps and Thieves - Rhys Ford Originally reviewed at Sinfully.

This is the second installment in the Murder and Mayhem series and I wouldn’t suggest reading this one without having read the first. While the story is self-contained and the mystery solved by the end, there is too much background between the main and secondary characters that affects their actions and words and you would really be missing out.

A cop in love with a thief is always a fun story. While that was pretty much put to bed in the first book and Rook may no longer be in that life, the urges are still there. He remembers the adrenaline rush, still has the instinct to run when he’s cornered, and he sometimes worries he no longer has the safety net he worked so hard to accumulate, but he doesn’t have regrets over leaving the life when the trade-off is having Dante by his side. When the opportunity arises to get some kicks one last time and get back something that belongs to him, Rook grabs it and winds up in a mess of epic proportions that just keeps getting messier for everyone around him.

Dante is there by Rook’s side through it all as both a cop and his lover. I liked seeing them solid even as they are still working through some things. They are sweet and sexy and have great chemistry. Rook has been toughened and wizened by a lifetime of neglect, abuse and stealing to survive, but believing that Dante loves him has opened up a whole other side of him. A side that includes family support, from both his and Dante’s sides like he’s never had before. That also brings with it some bumps that need smoothing, especially where Rook’s lord of the manor grandfather Archie is concerned. Rook’s vulnerable in those areas of his life where he wants nothing more than to trust and belong, but is still waiting for it all to crumble and leave him alone on the street. Dante is a rock for Rook, but he has his own family issues as well that he tries to keep from thinking about (some of which I expect we’ll have a ringside seat to in the next book).

The mystery had plenty of twists and kept me guessing up to the end. It seems as if someone is targeting everyone who comes into contact with the investigation and Rook is at the center of it all as bodies pile up and the danger mounts. I really had no idea who was involved until close to the final showdown.

The only real thing that was troublesome for me in the story was there were times where I found scenery and settings overly-described and certain words were overused to describe particular character traits. I’m fine with descriptions that set the scene for important locations, but there were too many times where I found myself skimming paragraphs of descriptions.

With a good blend of family drama, action, pop culture shout outs and sizzling romance, Tramps and Thieves is a worthy follow-up to [b:Murder and Mayhem|24937601|Murder and Mayhem (Murder and Mayhem, #1)|Rhys Ford||44594669] that will give fans plenty to enjoy in both the mystery and character development aspects of the story.