Whiskey Business (States of Love Book 1)

Whiskey Business (States of Love Book 1) - Avon Gale Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

This story was an absolute delight to read. A quirky town, a good hearted distillery owner, a stuffy corporate-type with some hidden talents and a roomful of creepy dolls make for an entertaining visit to very small-town Kentucky.

It’s not really an enemies to lovers story, but Adam is the man from Lexington sent to evaluate Ryder’s family distillery to decide its fate – will the town lose the distillery or will it become a tourist town on the Bourbon Trail? Ryder has sold the family bourbon recipe in order to save the town, but now he fears that he may have not gotten as good a deal as he thought. So while Adam’s not the enemy, he is the man Ryder sees as holding the fate of the town of Gallows Grove in his hands, and while physically Ryder likes what he sees, Adam comes off as an over-educated, rich, stuffed suit.

Adam likes what he sees in Ryder and isn’t looking to ruin Ryder’s life. He’s just looking to get in and get out, hopefully without anyone in the town dying since he’s staying in the town’s funeral home. Under that suit and stuffy exterior, Adam is a lonely man with a knack for dirty talk and an appreciation of puns, which comes in handy in the quirky town full of businesses playing on the death theme. His life back in Lexington is less than exciting and his well-known family is not something he is really proud to be a part of.

Ryder and Adam spend their time together touring the town and the distillery, Ryder regaling Adam with tales of the town’s dicey history. When the sexual tension becomes undeniable the two decide to go for it. Might as well have some fun while they can. It turns out they have more in common than they ever expected. They banter well and they are combustible in bed. The sex scenes are seriously hot and I loved every minute of them. Adam has a filthy mouth and he knows how to use it. Once they have gotten to know each other in and out of bed, Ryder thinks he just might be ready for a relationship.

When it comes time for Adam to leave town is when the real trouble begins. It’s clear the men are great together and that there is potential for their relationship to continue long distance now that they are more emotionally involved, but does Adam even want that to happen? Ryder is ready, but Adam’s not so sure and though the book is pretty light on the angst, I could definitely feel Ryder’s hurt when Adam walks out to head back home.

The pace of the book was on target and Avon Gale kept the story moving with a light touch. The town’s businesses all have quirky, punny names which just helped to give me a real feel for the town of Gallows Grove. If you’re looking for a sexy romance, with plenty of fun and just a bit of tension as to how the MCs will resolve their issues, grab this book.