Lace - K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell Short and sexy with a bit of kink and a lot of lace.

When the crush Shawn's had on his best friend Dave is no longer one-sided the super hot sex is tempered by worry. Is Dave in it for real or is he in it for the kink? After all everything happened around Dave's discovery of Shawn's lace panties. Isn't it funny when sex is added to a friendship how all of a sudden it gets hard to talk? As Shawn worries, Dave is just trying to please him, enjoying the new side of their relationship, but he senses something is wrong. Can these two get their act together or is their relationship and friendship doomed to the miscommunication graveyard?

This was a short but HOT read. K.C. Wells can write sex scenes like nobody's business and this one was seriously erotic. There's a bit of humor and a bit of frustration, but this was a sweet bit of friends to lovers erotica that I didn't put down until I finished.