Kidnapped by the Pirate: Gay Romance

Kidnapped by the Pirate: Gay Romance - Keira Andrews Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

Although I’ve been reading romance since I was a teenager, the pirates never called to me (maybe because I lumped them in with historical, which I rarely read). What better way to lose my pirate romance virginity than a new Keira Andrews book. Speaking of virginity….

We first meet Nathaniel Bainbridge in 1710 as he is sailing with his pregnant sister from England to a new colony at the demand of his father where he will be put to work and married to a woman that will strengthen their family finances, all of which he is dreading. He considers himself sinful and wrong for wanting men and not women, as well as “feeble minded” and just wants to be outdoors on dry land, running, swimming and climbing even though he knows that wouldn’t be allowed any more by his demanding father who seeks nothing but power and riches and will do whatever he must to get them. He wishes the storied pirates would get on with it and board their ship already to save him from his boredom.

That wish is soon realized when the legendary Sea Hawk and his ship of pirates The Damned Manta kidnap him. Hawk is ready to exact revenge on Nathaniel’s father and he believes ransoming the man’s only son is guaranteed to bring him the riches and satisfaction he seeks. He doesn’t believe the poor little lord, “Plum” as Hawk names him, will be much trouble. Boy is that an underestimation, but it’s not the kind of trouble Hawk ever expected from his prisoner.

To say I had fun reading this story would be an understatement. Tropes abound as we have the young virgin, a 20+ year age gap, a possessive alpha who won’t admit to his feelings, captor and prisoner, and enemies to lovers. Add in plenty of action, a lot of hot and dirty sex and a slow-burn love story and I was hooked.

As “Plum” falls in major lust with Hawk, Hawk finds himself enchanted with the younger man who, it turns out, is nothing like his scheming father. Nathaniel decides that if he’s going to die when his father fails to pay-up he’s not going to die a virgin. Held prisoner in the pirate’s cabin he has plenty opportunity to observe the man and decides that Hawk is just the one to give him what he wants. What Hawk thinks of as an opportunity to get a little and exact further revenge by defiling his enemy’s son, soon turns into a passion that has him feeling out of control. Nathaniel is a willing and passionate lover, a strong and smart man and a sweet and vulnerable one as well. All Hawk’s promises not to let another man get close are soon being tested like never before. Hawk really struggles with his feelings for Nathaniel and the effect they could have on the promises he made to his crew – they will get a ransom or Nathaniel will be killed. When the crew notices the Captain’s lack of focus, those grumblings could spell even further danger for the pair.

I loved how not only did Nathaniel and Hawk see through the other to find the man under the public expectations, but that they also made the other look inside themselves and embrace who they are and what they want. Hawk seeks to put an end to Nathaniel belittling himself and believing his father’s claims of him being a disappointment. In kind, Nathaniel wants Hawk to see that his still the good man that he was before circumstances caused him to choose a life of piracy. What starts as sex, definitely becomes love and when “Plum” becomes Nathaniel in Hawk’s eyes and when the two FINALLY share that first kiss, I might have swooned a bit.

While the dialogue isn’t “olde tyme”, the setting of the story definitely gave me a feel for the atmosphere of the time and life on the ship. Again, I rarely read historical romance, but I did feel immersed in the setting around the pirates’ lives and the lives of Nathaniel and his family.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a story with complex characters, a fun and exciting plot, high-seas danger, lots of dirty sex and a sweet as a plum HEA.