My Omega's Baby

My Omega's Baby - S.C. Wynne Originally reviewed at Sinfully.

3.5 stars

This is an enemies to lovers, fated mates, mpreg story. Blade and Wyatt are rival bodyguards thrown together when Blade is assigned to watch over Wyatt for a few weeks and Wyatt moves into Blade’s home. They are also non-shifter wolves, the species having given up shifting in order to fit in with humans at some time in the past, but they still have their wolf nature and roles, although not as prominent as in the past.

Neither has felt an attraction to men before, but soon after the assignment starts, both are pulled to the other. Wyatt is an alpha and a bit older than Blade. Blade is an omega (unbeknownst to either of them he is a rare solar eclipse omega) and although he is fiercely independent and eschews the expected omega submissiveness, he can’t help but want to submit to Wyatt. This compounds their dislike as the last thing Blade wants is to be seen as needy or weak. When the pull is too much to take, the men give into their lust but things quickly get weird. A visit with Wyatt’s mother, and a bit of wolf folklore has Blade running for the pregnancy test. As if Wyatt and Blade wanting each other isn’t bad enough, now they need to deal with an unbelievable pregnancy and trying to figure out what to do about it as Blade tries to hang on to some normalcy in his life.

I’m very new to omegaverse and mpreg so this one worked well for me as I am easing into the genre. I can’t say how it will work for those more well-versed in it though since there were things that even I felt I wanted to see more of. The world-building isn’t very detailed, we are only really given the necessary information, provided through Wyatt’s mother, who has the experience and is in touch with the Ancients who, although they seem to have some power over the wolves, are unknown to both Blade and Wyatt. There is no face time with the Ancients or really any other members of the community, that we know of, until the end of the story.

Told in alternating POV we get a feel for both men. Blade never knew his parents and grew up in an unhappy foster home. Wyatt is close with his mother. Wyatt believes in his alpha dominance while Blade has little of the omega submissiveness, working his way up in his job just as any alpha would. I really enjoyed the way these two got on each other’s nerves, especially after their strange attraction begins. I enjoyed it the most though when they finally give in and both succumb to their born natures. Their sex is hot and Wyatt dominates Blade, allowing his wolf nature to really come out; not just the assertive side, but the side that needs to nurture and care for Blade who he almost immediately thinks of as his omega.

The pregnancy storyline comes on pretty quickly and most of the story takes place during the first two months of Blade’s three month pregnancy. I did want to see more of that last month though, since all the major changes to his body occur then and we really only saw him dealing with morning sickness and fatigue while still working, travelling and dealing with the danger inherent in his work. The story did then jump to shortly before he delivered, but we missed out on him getting to the point of showing and feeling the baby.

Other than that I enjoyed seeing both Wyatt and Blade adjusting to the reality of the situation and their new relationship, which was quite the change in and of itself. They seem to have differing ideas about the baby to start and Wyatt’s overbearing mother has very firm opinions and isn’t afraid to hand out the threats. I really did not like her character and the way she treated Blade. I understood where she was coming from but I found her pushy and rude.

What I did like was what the two men did build. Wyatt is a sweetheart under the arrogant front and is determined to do what he can for his omega and their baby. I liked his jealousy and his possessiveness and so did Blade, who found himself for the first time enjoying some of his omega nature. Once again though, at the end I wanted to see more of them with the baby, which we only get a brief glimpse of in the Epilogue. I’m hoping their story will continue in the next book as I would really like to see them adjusting to being a family and dealing with their new reality.

This was a fun, sweet, sexy, and what I would consider a light mpreg, definitely something I would recommend to people wanting a taste of the genre. Overall, I enjoyed the story but it left me wanting to know more. I liked both main characters, their banter and their chemistry, and I would definitely be up for reading another story about Blade and Wyatt dealing with their new lives. I also would look forward to a story about Blade’s client, rocker Riley West. He definitely made an impression.