Joy  - C.S. Poe Review originally posted at Sinfully.

3.5 stars

This was a short but sweet story with likable characters and a gorgeous setting. Gideon fears that bad luck is the only luck he has and is running from his fast-paced L.A. life, trying to figure out what his next move should be. Sure hitting a moose is not the best way to meet someone, but on the flip-side, it turns out to be the best luck he ever had.

Silas has never left New Hampshire and loves his life in small-town Lancaster. He starts off as a flannel-clad mountain man of few words. Turns out his gruff exterior is covering an easily flustered, extremely adorable man.

I loved the MCs relationship and I wanted more. They had great banter, both with their own quirks, and I smiled whenever they were together.

Silas seems to have it pretty much together, while Gideon’s self-doubt and insecurity are his biggest stumbling blocks. While things do seem to go wrong an awful lot when he’s around, he has a hard time seeing the good that often also comes with that “bad luck”.

Gideon showed quite a bit of growth in the small timespan the story covers. He finds a purpose and a home – not just a place to stay, but a place where he is accepted, is at peace and can simply enjoy life without the pressures of the fast-paced L.A. race to be the best.

The story is short and the two men fall quickly. I did feel like I was missing out on some together time with Silas and Gideon as they get to know each other. There were things that were fast-forwarded through, I gather due to the length of the story, but other than that I really did enjoy their budding relationship. The small New Hampshire town and the people who live there came to life off the pages. From the B&B owners to Silas’ work crew (who keep it fun by wagering on Silas and Gideon), to the beauty of their surroundings, C.S. Poe created a welcoming setting that was a joy to visit, I only wish my stay had been a bit longer.