Last Call

Last Call (Heartsville #1) - Christina Lee, Felice Stevens Reviewed for Sinfully.

I’m always on the lookout for a good ménage story and this surprise release co-written by one of my go-to authors worked very well for me. There is no sexual or romantic relationship between any of the three men when the story starts. At least not in reality. Quinn has had feelings for his best friend and business partner Gray for years but never would he ever speak of it. Same goes for Gray who thinks Quinn couldn’t possibly be interested in him that way. As close as the two men are, they are very different. Quinn is always looking for the good in people while Gray leads with suspicion. Enter Emery, a stranger who appears down on his luck and in a bit of trouble. Quinn is immediately attracted while Gray is immediately wary; Emery is both of these things. Three different personalities, with Emery being a perfect balance between Quinn and Gray.

When Quinn and Gray offer Emery some work at their bar to give him a couch to stay on and help him get him back on his feet then out of town, It’s only a matter of time before the sizzling and palpable connection between Quinn and Emery leads to something. The real question is what will Gray do? The attraction between Gray and Emery is slower to emerge and while Emery picks up on the tension between the two friends, they do nothing but deny it. Emery is not looking to settle in the small town and is definitely not looking to come between Quinn and Gray but that only lasts so long before he finds himself literally in that exact position.

This story is completely relationship focused as the men have plenty of their own doubts and insecurities to work through. Each of them has had difficulties that have shaped their lives and needs but Emery and Gray especially have similarities that allow them to come to an understanding of each other. There is a lot of discussion and worrying and while Emery notices the attraction between Gray and Quinn and has brought it up, Gray and Quinn talk around it for the longest time until one night when things get physical and they are all forced to rethink things.

There was a good build up to things getting physical. Nobody jumped in and Emery, especially, made sure to voice his concerns. These three men were super sexy in any combination, I never felt that there was any imbalance between the men in bed. Even with the long history between Gray and Quinn, I never felt that they thought of Emery as an interloper or outsider. Emery though succumbs to his self-doubt and his wariness of settling down and there is a moment of wondering whether he can ever accept his desire to stay. Luckily the bit of angst isn’t drawn out or unrealistic. Same goes for the few flares of jealousy each man feels. They were realistic, but nothing that got in the way of working out the relationship.

While I enjoyed the fact that the focus stayed on the relationship issues, there was a bit of a buildup with a troubling bar patron that threaded throughout the story. I was expecting a bit more to come of it, but it seemed to mostly just fizzle out at the end.

I’m a huge fan of ménage stories and of Felice Stevens, but I’ve never read a Christina Lee book before (gasp! I know). The collaboration definitely worked for me as the story flowed so seamlessly I couldn’t tell who wrote what parts. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a light, relationship focused ménage with some sizzling sexy times and minimal angst.