Sound of Us

Sound of Us - A.M. Arthur Review originally posted at Sinfully.

If you enjoyed [b:Here for Us|34196049|Here for Us (Us, #1)|A.M. Arthur||55233012], the first part of Cris, Jake and Charles/Chet’s story, you’re going to enjoy this one as well. The books need to be read in order as this is a continuation of their story, building upon issues raised in the first book.

There are two main plotlines outside of the general furtherance of triad: there’s Cris dealing with the past he thought he escaped and Jake trying to become more independent before fully committing to the triad. Both men fall back on old destructive behaviors and the others are there in full force offering support. With such different personalities and histories between them all, Charles has his work cut out for him here.

Cris’s story had me yelling at my kindle. I’m not going to give anything away other than what the blurb says, but I loved the way Cris dealt with his past. I’m pretty vengeful when it comes to characters that I like who have been wronged and are manipulated, but A.M. Arthur balanced out Cris’s long held feelings of pain, hatred and anger with the ability to not necessarily forgive, but to come to peace with things, without having him make a complete change in his feelings. The end result was something that felt real and very satisfying.

Jake’s story is a direct continuation of his fears in the first. One of his main concerns is wanting to know that if things don’t work out, he can handle his bi-polar on his own since Cris and Charles have been with him throughout his diagnosis and treatment. In addition, Jake still harbors plenty of self-doubt, especially when he thinks of how much history Cris and Charles have together. He’s just waiting for the day that they realize that he has nothing to offer and they don’t need him. Jake makes great strides in this book, dealing with his bi-polar and setting up a path for his future outside of his go-go dancing job, without losing that spark that makes his character so appealing.

The age gap in the story shows in Charles’s maturity, stability and ability to read the two men he loves so well and do what needs to be done to help them. His story revolves around his love for Cris, Jake and his nephew Dell. He has overcome his difficult past that helps him work with all three men, but I would really like to see him face a challenge and have to rely on Cris and Jake. I love the scenes where he is starting to let loose and open up and not worry about being the old guy of the three.

Where the first book was fairly light on the sex, this one focuses on the physical relationship quite a bit more. There are several new levels that the men explore. First there is Jake’s readiness to move forward physically with Charles and resume things where he left off with Cris. While Jake’s mind and heart is willing, other parts of his body are still adjusting to the medication he is taking to control his bi-polar. There is also the introduction of spanking woven into Cris’s story as both a form of discipline and pleasure. I have to say that Charles’s Dom side is very appealing.

Even though there is a lot of drama and emotion going through the book, it’s still not overly angsty. The men are really working on communication and any missteps in the relationship are not drawn out. While the triad has become a more solid unit, I’m glad that the men still have their individual relationships with each other. They are sexy, sweet and everyone has something to offer the other two whether they realize it or not.

I am thrilled that A.M. Arthur has said there will be more books in the series, including another focusing on the triad as well as Taro and Dell’s story. She has set up a very interesting story between the demisexual Taro and homoromantic asexual Dell that I would love to see explored.