Will & Patrick's Endless Honeymoon

Will & Patrick's Endless Honeymoon - Leta Blake Reviewed for Sinfully Sinfully.

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I was thrilled when I heard there would be more to come in the Wake Up Married series. I enjoyed Will and Patrick so much that I even named them my Favorite Character Couple of 2016 and I’m glad to say that everything I loved about them is back in this surprise installment.

Two years has passed in the timeline and Will and Patrick are about to take their long-delayed honeymoon. Patrick has taken care of all the planning and hasn’t told Will where they are going. In fact, in an effort to make sure Will’s family doesn’t ruin their trip, he’s only told one person where they will be in case of emergency. Regardless of Will’s mom Kimberly trying to guilt him out of going, regardless of Patrick’s stress brought on by his intense need to control his workload, it’s going to be a no phones, no internet, and no Hurting Times gossip site trip. Just Dr. HottieMcBrainSurgeon and his Puddin’-Pop alone together for ten days – no patients, no family, no drama. Suuurrre.

Patrick is still baffled at how much he loves Will and wondering if there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to keep him safe and happy. He may have trouble with certain social cues, but the acts of generosity and kindness he does in the name of Will’s happiness are all above and beyond. Things haven’t changed much for Will either. Kimberly (who is still self-absorbed and horrible) is still able to guilt him into taking care of her children because her life is oh so hard, but Will is able to temper his reactions and stand up for himself a bit more. Patrick still doesn’t hold back as far as his feelings for her and Will’s father Tony are concerned.

The story travels from Healing to their honeymoon paradise and along the way we are treated to appearances by and mentions of the many people in their family and their town that have become a part of their daily lives. Not a lot has changed there either, but it was fun to catch up.

One thing I adore about these stories is despite all the shenanigans and some over the top characters, there are always those moments that give you a gut punch. Here, there is a bombshell dropped about Ryan that also has Will fighting the urge to drink again. For all the abuse he took from Ryan in the past, he still can’t help caring about him and wanting to help Hartley. I really hope that any future installment gives us an update that shows Hartley on the road to happiness.

I don’t know what I can really say about this installment that I haven’t already said in my prior reviews of this series. Will and Patrick are a unique couple and Leta Blake writes them in such a way that I never know what they are going to say or do, but I know I’ll enjoy it. Their sex life is still adventurous (captured superhero role play anyone?) and no matter how rough it gets Patrick is always right back in his caretaker role afterward making sure Will’s sugar levels are good. They have great banter, ooey-gooey feelings for each other and can’t seem to escape the Molinaro family watchdogs (which includes Will’s hot mobster father).

No cliffhanger here, but I’m hoping for at least one more story. We leave Will and Patrick back in Healing, planning for their future together and I really want to see them with kids. It’s a fun, sexy and touching series that I would recommend to anyone, but If you haven’t tried this series yet you need to start from the beginning. If you’re already a fan you will definitely enjoy this fun return to Healing, South Dakota.