Disasterology 101 - Taylor V. Donovan This was my first Taylor Donovean book but certainly will not be my last. The blurb tells you what you need to know about the plot, but this is not a story that just throws OCD in as a quirky plot device for a few laughs in a lighthearted story. Very well written and researched, he author did a fabulous job of portraying Cedric and his struggle to live as normal a life as possible knowing he will live his entire life with therapy, medication and his disorders.

Cedric is an intelligent, 26 year old, upper class Englishman who has been in therapy for years, but since he moved from London to NYC his new therapist has been helping more than any one in the past. With severe germophobia, OCD, and anxiety attacks, it is a struggle just to leave his apartment to go to those places he is familiar with, no less to try and find a relationship. Kevin, a construction worker with three kids, having just accepted himself as a gay man at 36 should be the last person Cedric would feel comfortable with, but there is an undeniable chemistry between the two.

Kevin is almost saint-like at times in their relationship, loving Cedric for the person he is, not the person he would like him to be if only he wasn't ill, but he soon finds his limits as well. Living with a teenager with OCD, I am well aware of how hard it is to balance love and acceptance with the frustration of those days when you wish it would all just stop and I found their relationship hitting close to home more than once. Kevin is not only dealing with navigating his new life as a gay man (still closeted to his family), and his relationship with Cedric (which holds more potential pitfalls than just the obvious) but he is still supporting an ex-wife by working two jobs while going to night school.

There are some featured secondary characters including Kevin's ex-wife and their children, and a phone call between Cedric and his mother that sheds light on the life he lived in London. This is a character driven story that focuses on love and acceptance. Both MC's felt very real to me. It was funny, sad and romantic. In the end, there will be a HEA, but there is no cure all and they will be working for it every hour of every day.