Anything Could Happen - B.G. Thomas This is now the third book I've read by B.G. Thomas and I have really become of a fan of his writing. Anything Could Happen is spun off from [b:The Boy Who Came In From the Cold|17861678|The Boy Who Came In From the Cold|B.G. Thomas||25007945] and while reading that first will give you a better understanding of some secondary characters, this book works just as well as a standalone. If you have read TBWCiFtC you will remember that Austin was the best friend of that book's main character Todd, before Todd left home for Kansas City. This book is Austin's story.

Austin has just come to Kansas City in search of his best friend Todd, who cut all ties and left home some months before. Austin is in love with Todd, but after one night where Austin acts on his feelings Todd runs out and refuses to return calls. The next time Austin sees Todd days later is when Todd walks in on his girlfriend Joan having sex with Austin. After that Todd completely disappears. Austin is now moving to Kansas City to live with his great uncle Bodie who, unknown to Todd, is gay and not afraid to show it. Bodie's openness helps Austin with his coming out. He also meets Uncle Bodie's neighbor Guy, who is instantly attracted to Austin. Austin is insistent on finding Todd to apologize and find out where he stands (he doesn't even know if Todd is gay) and Guy agrees to help him.

Guy works for the local theater and Austin has a love of acting and is soon auditioning for a part in the next production. As the two spend more time together, Guy's feelings for Austin grow and become more difficult to put aside, but Guy fears getting involved only to lose Austin to Todd in the future. Austin is so confused, he really doesn't see what is right in front of him.

This book revolves around Austin, Guy and Bodie all facing past decisions and coming to terms with their consequences. The secondary characters and the backdrop of the plays Guy is directing and writing all add to the storytelling. Anything Could Happen is filled with humor (including the musical return of Dixie Wrecked), love and sadness, and Austin's discovery of life as a gay man is a fun journey.