Physical Therapy - Z.A. Maxfield 3.5 stars

This book had a very different feel than the first, but then Jordan and Ken are very different from Shawn and Cooper. When we last saw Jordan in book 1 he was broken and depressed and voluntarily committing himself to rehab. Over a year has passed since then and Jordan is a different person, but still struggling with his past decisions and their consequences. Ken is recovering from a serious accident where his best friend was killed when their car was hit by a drunk driver. Jordan is up front with Ken about his past, but Ken pursues the relationship regardless.

I enjoyed the story, and Jordan and Ken's struggles with their own demons, but I had a bit of tough time connecting with Ken. I understand that the frame of mind of his character was not in a good place, but his back and forth attitude towards Jordan in the beginning grated on me.

Overall this is another good entry in the St. Nacho's series that also provides a good catch up with where Shawn and Cooper. As always, Z.A. Maxfield's writing is infused with humor and emotion. This book might work as a stand alone, but the first book plays a huge part in understanding what Jordan is trying to overcome and the importance of his relationship with Cooper.