Learning Curve (Life Lessons, #4) - Kaje Harper 4.5 stars

So happy to have Mac and Tony back, yet so sad to see them go. This was an outstanding end to a favorite series. As always Kaje Harper delivered a realistic and emotional read.

After the events in [b:Home Work|15706627|Home Work (Life Lessons, #3)|Kaje Harper|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1339763958s/15706627.jpg|21370466] Mac and Tony are struggling with recovery. Mac from both the physical and emotional damage that has him off the job on disability and Tony from the fears of Mac returning to work and never coming home, or Mac not recovering enough to go back and losing a huge part of who he is. Adding to this is the continued stresses of work and family and a case that implicates one of Tony's students. As with the past books there is humor, sadness, joy and every emotion in between.

The one thing that is never in doubt in this book is the strength of Mac and Tony as a couple (not to mention the hot sex). They support each other unconditionally and this was the real focus of the story. The book brings back all the old group of friends and family and ties up some loose ends, but not everything has a happily ever after feel. Past, strained relationships among coworkers and the extended families are not miraculously turned around, but are dealt with realistically. The story had me wondering the whole time how Mac's assessment for return to work would play out and how the men would deal with whatever happens. I won't go into the plot for fear of spoilers, but I was satisfied by most of the outcomes.

These books are among my favorite series and I am sure there will be re-reads in the future, and if Ms. Harper ever sees fit to give us a few glimpses of Mac and Tony in the future I would certainly not complain.

(Thanks to Tina for setting up the big buddy read!)