Elements of Retrofit - N.R. Walker This is another wonderful story by N.R. Walker. As always, there is romance, humor and hot sex.

Thomas Elkin is a 44 y/o, successful NYC architect. Four years after his divorce and coming out, Thomas has just gotten his relationship with his 22 y/o son back on track, he has dated and had his share of one night stands, but no relationships of any length. Cooper Jones is 22 y/o, summer intern at Thomas' architectural firm. He is smart, passionate and just happens to be a high school friend of Thomas' son.

As the two men work together, Thomas discovers that Cooper is not only hot and smart, but he really understands and shares a passion for architecture. He is also confident and outgoing in a way Thomas admires. As the relationship turns physical, the 22 year age difference (that bothers Thomas but not Cooper) is the least of their problems. Their working relationship bars any romantic ties. If they are discovered Cooper's career will be over before it even begins. In addition, Cooper is a summer intern and not guaranteed a position in the firm. While his ambition and talent would likely guarantee him a spot, Thomas' input will determine his fate. There is also the small problem of Thomas' son potentially finding out.

I loved this couple together. Their banter was fun and the chemistry between them was off the charts hot. The two were obviously made for each other, but outside pressures make for a difficult road ahead. Each admires the other for different reasons and each has a lot to teach the other.

This first book in the series and it has left me eager to see this relationship develop.