crush - Laura Susan Johnson This book was just emotionally draining, but underneath the horrific subject matter of this book is a beautiful love story. Be warned that the graphic, horrifying child abuse that is portrayed made the book very hard to read.

The story is told in alternating POV's of Jamie and Tammy from the time they are children up until they are in their 30's. While the chapters do not just rehash each other, the same events are often portrayed from each man's perspective. Both are abuse survivors. Jamie is rescued at age 13 after spending most of his life abused and then as a chained prisoner of his parents. Tammy also suffers abuse at the hands of a family member. Both boys handle their situations very differently.

While there are so many acts of hate and abuse perpetrated against Jamie and Tammy, there are also lifelong bonds of love and friendship that are forged. The love and support that Jamie and Tammy give each other is tender and heartwarming. I found the book tended to get a bit preachy towards the end, and would benefit from a bit of editing, but it is a very well written story that will stay with me for a very long time.